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Winter 2018

This winter we finally got all the Chicago snow I was warned about 2+ years ago when we were planning to move here.  The last two winters werent too bad, so I didnt know what all the fuss was about. I finally feel like I am earning my Chicago stripes.  We actually had a lot of fun building snowmen, sledding around the yard — plus lots of hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace. (But now that its april, Im ready for it to end.)

Im really making a push to ‘finish’ this house.  I went on a giant cleaning spree by going through every closet, box, cabinet, you-name-it.  I threw away old mail from Baltimore.  I found Phils wedding ring.  I threw away old training underpants.  I actually have all the wrapping paper and gift bags in one place.  I think we might actually have a place for everything in this entire house!  The very last room I want to finish is the ‘work out room’  but we’re still deciding its multiple purposes.  Then, I swear, I will post some pics of the entire house with some before & after.  I feel like we have made such great progress in the last 2-years and its finally feeling like a forever home.

We stayed busy on weekends by going up to Wisconsin a lot.  I’m finding it easier to hop in the car and drive north than to head into the city, go figure.  First we went to Milwaukee to see my friend Andrea and family who are here on sabbatical from France.  Then we went up to Kenosha to a fun kids museum.  On the Kenosha trip I was with my friend Anne who also has three kids — so with all 6 kids — someone asked us if we ran a daycare, haha.  Its always chaos taking them anywhere (hence the montage of blurry pictures), but we try to have fun.

Zev is seriously a whole new person over the last few months.  He is talking SO MUCH.  He is singing his ABCs and has his own little vocabulary — My favorites are ‘Spicy-ronis’ for pepperoni and  ‘Boo-boo-bed’ for big boy bed (instead of crib). He is also constantly asking “What ISSSS THIS?!” or “I’m NOT DOING THAT!”.  He is still working on sharing. Everything is ‘mine’ these days.  He had a friend over the other day and he wouldnt let him touch anything!  Finally the little boy went into the other room and was watching TV and saw an airplane and went ‘AIRPLANE’ and Zev ran into the room going ‘MYYY airplane!!!!’ (like he stole his toy or something) Oh Zev.

I called poison control for the first time in my life this winter.  I forgot to close the baby-proof cabinet device under the kitchen sink and Zev squirted himself in the face with Windex.  All I heard was crying and then he smelled like it and his clothes were wet, so I called to make sure.  We dont keep anything super hazardous within reach of any child, but still made me nervous! They were very nice on the phone — hopefully dont ever have to call again.


We made it until the end of February without getting super sick.  I was actually feeling a little smug that we dodged it  — but then were knocked out for like 2 weeks.  Ugh.  Wil had it the worst. He even got pink eye after days of runny eyes/nose/everything.  But in true Evie fashion, if Wil has something she has to have it, too.  So — true story — Evie went to school on a Monday and poked herself in the eye with a pencil.  This was accident and totally unrelated.  But the next day when Wil went to the doc for eye meds for REAL, Evie told everyone at school that she was sick and her eyes itched, too, ‘just like Wil’!  The nurse eventually called me and said that Evie needed to go home for pink eye because her eye was red and kept insisting that ‘she had what Wil had’.  AHH!!!  I was literally pleading with the nurse that Evie DID NOT have pink eye and she was lying.  But they made us pick her up anyway and I had to deal with 3 kids at home….Evie was never sick this whole period, I swear.

Ok.  So that was the end of February.   Lets back-up to January when I put the kids in swim lessons against their will (because summer swim lessons were traumatic).  I promised them if they did swim lessons and learned to swim all the way across the pool that we would take them to the indoor swim hotel in Wisconsin.  Swim lessons were going great and I was looking up good deals at the hotel, when I learned they had an awesome Groupon for early march. I booked it for the first weekend of March. The weekend after everyone was sick. And it was non-refundable. Oy.  Luckily all the kids were healthy by that point — but I was definitely not feeling it and Phil was exhausted from a long week of dealing with work, kids, and ME.  But we did it. And if anything – it was a nice escape from the nothingness of their sick-week before. They all had a fun adventure.  But Phil and I could have used a weekend off.

Then Emmy, Sam and Hank came for a visit!  Wow.  After a long few weeks, it was seriously the best.  We dont get to see them enough and its nearly impossible to get all of our kids on a plane these days, so they were nice enough to come to us!  It was so fun just to cook dinner, talk, and hang out for a few days.


We were also lucky enough for Mark & Char to come up and help out with the grandkids while Phil, Sam, Em and I did a St. Paddy’s day beer run.  Ha.  We were way too old for this type of shenanigans, but it was a blast.  And it was so fun to have so many Wozniaks in the same place for a weekend!


So yeah — we had some fun weekends — but I felt like weekdays were long, dark, and cold.  Hopefully some warm weather and outside activities will break us of the winter blues.  Currently our biggest struggle is keeping Wil and Evie happy in the same room.  They CANNOT leave each other alone.   Which is sometimes great when they are playing together nicely.  But mostly its loud, frustrating and exhausting.  Even when watching a show or playing DS, they have to tell each other about what is happening.  Then the other gets mad because they ‘KNOWWWWWW’ what is happening.  I have to tell them to leave each other alone or to stop talking to each other or to do their own thing at least 1000X a day.  My spring is dedicated to keeping them apart as much as possible.


Its April and there are still forecasts for snow in the next few days.  But the 10-year anniversary Hawaii trip is booked.  So all is good.  Here are the rest of our recent photos:

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Holidays 2017

Oh my gosh.  Between Thanksgiving and New Years we did ALL. THE. THINGS.

Thanksgiving food, friends and fire:


Winter fun: decorating, horse rides, lights, santa and snow!



So many activities:  St. Nicks, recitals, performances, holiday parties, friends + celebrating

Christmas: The main event!!  Cookies on Christmas eve, matching PJs, presents galore — Kids LOVE their new Nintendo DSs


Travels + Family + Birthday Celebrations + Friends + Wonderlab +Bowling + Escape Room:

New Years + a trip to the city for Hamilton!

Phew — we’re getting back in the groove and riding high on new presents and activities.  Thanks to everyone for an amazing holiday season!!

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Its been over a year since my last Day in the Life.  Phil was traveling this week, so this was a fun way to keep me distracted for a day.  Here we go…..

December 14th 2017

2:00am — Zev is up.  He no longer just cries — but now screams a very specific ‘MOMMMMMMMMMMM’.  I go in and cover him up.  He goes back to sleep.

6:45am — Since Phil is gone, I set my alarm to make sure I get downstairs to take out barney before the kids are up.  Start making coffee and Evie comes down at 7:00.  I hear Zev crying a few minutes later.  I put on a show for them and get breakfast going.  Evie has some cereal at the table and Zev is snacking on dry cereal on the couch.

7:30am — still no Wil.  I go up and get him and grab the kids clothes for the day.  Hes finally downstairs around 7:40 and eats a waffle. Zev has a diaper.  Im rushing to get Wil’s lunch and snacks for both big kids in their backpacks.  There is snow outside meaning Wil needs to take boots, snowpants, and hat to school or hes not allowed past the black-top during recess.  His snowpants from last year didnt fit, so I bought new ones that he still needs to try on.

8:15am — Bus (is supposed to come) in 4 minutes and we’re still trying to finish hair, teeth, and advent calendars.  (god forbid we forget the advent calendar.)  Wil still hasnt tried on his snowpants!!!  But we make it in the car by 8:20 after lots of yelling.  We sit at the end of the driveway in the car and I remember that my tire alert came on the night before.  I was so scared I had a leak and that the tire would be flat this morning, but luckily its fine — but still needs air.  Bus comes at 8:22 and I have 8 minutes to get Evie to school, but we make it.

8:30am– drop off Evie at school and call the tire place to see if they’ll help me fill tires because i’m dumb and its cold and I have Zev and dont feel like trying myself.  Ive been going to the same place since I got here, so luckily they ‘know’ me and are willing to fill my tires for me.

9:00am — Back home. Do a Zev diaper.  Answer texts I havent answered in forever, write some emails, make some calls. Take barney out and clean up from the morning — Zev hangs out and watches a show and plays with cars.  I clean out the fridge and make a grocery list. I finally eat something myself.

10:00am — Out the door to the grocery.  Its cold enough outside (10 degrees!) that I can shop and still do other things and the groceries can sit in the cold car! Score! I get some kringles for mom and dinner items.  Then we head to the library for a bit before picking up Evie.  We get to evie’s school a bit early so Zev plays in the car until she comes out.

11:45am– Home with Evie and Zev.  Bring everything in and put things away.  Make lunch for everyone.  PB sandwiches, strawberries, and a few cheetos.  I have a few bites of chicken salad.  Take barney out. Head upstairs to put Zev down for his nap, do another diaper.


12:25pm — Zev is finally asleep.  I go to the basement for a quick run while Evie watches a show.  Then we played a bit in the basement before heading upstairs for a shower – Evie does makeup while she waits for me. Then Evie and I made graham cracker houses for playdate tomorrow! We’re going to decorate then with icing and candy.  Yum.  We finished up just as Zev started making noise.

2:20pm — Went and got Zev.  Evie and Zev have gummies on the couch and watch a show while I run down to take barney out. Do a Zev diaper and take out the trash. We get a package and they take some of our snacks! I got this idea from Celia last year and its been a huge hit:

2:55pm — Head outside and wait for Wils bus.  He has a good day (and says I wont get any calls).  When I go check his backpack – literally the only thing he ate were crackers.  I go ‘are you starving?’ he was like ‘YEAH’ so he ate the rest of his lunch and snack.  I turn on the lights since its getting dark out already.  Everyone watches the end of a show then start ‘playing’ which is actually more like fighting. I hand out a few ‘strikes’ — then make the kids turn on christmas lights around the house and play upstairs.  It doesnt go well upstairs — I hand out a few more strikes. If they get 3 strikes, they dont get dessert.  They finally settle down a bit and I do Zevs bath and a diaper while the big kids play in Wil’s room.  Then after Zevs bath, they are all playing nicely together upstairs together (?!). I’m suspicious — but sneak downstairs to get their dinner ready real quick.

4:30pm — Go get kids for dinner — everyone is acting nuts again.  I run downstairs to take out barney and hope they dont kill each other while eating.  We have to leave at 5:00 so I’m starting to yell about eating food, going to the bathroom and getting shoes on.

5:05pm — Finally getting in the car. Late for soccer but we were there for most of it.  Its the same coach that Evie has on Saturday mornings, so he lets her join in for a while, but when they started the scrimmage, Evie got intimidated by the big kids and played in the hallway with Zev instead.  I let each kid earn a ‘star’ if they were good at soccer (which cancels out a ‘strike’).

6:20pm — Home.  Take out Barney. Take turns upstairs with the big kids doing showers while the other ‘watches’ Zev.  Put on PJS.  Everyone is hungry so we have some sandwiches and/or  eggo waffles. Put on ‘Elf’ (even though Evie is protesting).  Start a load of laundry.  Do a Zev diaper.

7:00pm — ‘Treat time’ — then I sat and watched Elf with them for a solid 20 minutes (!!) which was nice.  Then we head upstairs for teeth and bedtime.  Evie and Wil played while I put Zev down.  Then I do bedtime with Evie while Wil plays.  Then finally Wil.

8:20 — Back downstairs.  Take out barney one last time.  Switch the laundry.  House is mess and I’m starving.  Dont clean but made some food.   I’m so tired.  Go upstairs and watch a crown episode and go to bed. Lights out around 9:30?



Take away:  Still doing diapers (8/day is pretty normal).  We are taking out barney a ton (He has been going in the house if you dont take him out every 2-3 hours).    It was lonely without phil — I dont think I really talked to an adult today? I never have time without a kid (as in there is always one awake that Im responsible for) but I did get a lot done while they played or watched shows.  I dont have to watch them every single second anymore.  I mean, I got a workout mid-day with two kids home, thats a definite improvement! And I didnt really help the older two with many bathroom things.  I helped them in and out of the shower — but they did most of that by themselves.

I definitely need to eat more vegetables.

The main thing that gets me was that is was a BORING day  — like maybe its not that different from past posts — but maybe I was more interested back then? I was bored even writing all this. Ive been doing the same sh*t for 6 1/2 years, so im over it.  It is basically just a lot of ordering people around all day.  Blah.  I definitely need to seek out some evening/weekend stimulation.  Phil and I are starting to look into a 10-year anniversary vacation though — so that is one thing I am definitely looking forward to!!  Let the day dreaming begin!

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Fall 2017

I Loooooove Fall!!

Well….I love the few weeks that it is still relatively warm and there are still leaves on the tree.

Phil had two pretty long work trips in October, one of which was to Hawaii (!!), so we packed in as many fall activities as we could on the few warm weekends.  I feel like most of these pictures are from three 2-hour outings. Which is basically ‘Fall’ in Chicago.


Quick run-down of autumn:  The kids adjusted well to school, we had an awesome trip to Disney World, then in October I think we got together with other families or had visitors every weekend. We celebrated Zevs birthday, racked in a boatload of candy on Halloween, then dreaded daylight savings time ended and its now dark by 4:00pm. Ugh. Life. Over.




Other stories and memories Ive been racking up:

–At the beginning of the year I had to fill out a questionnaire for Evie’s school and they asked what motivated my child.  I couldn’t think of anything but “Winning”, “Revenge”, or “Treats”.  I ended up writing “Verbal Praise” but its not true. (Unless I am giving another child verbal praise then shes says, “And me too, mom, right?”)



–Wil is starting to spell which is awesome and hilarious.  This is ‘Next Christmas’.
–Evie always has to be “right”,  even when she is obviously wrong. (Example: 2+2 is FIVE WIL!!!!!) And it drives Wil bananas.  But I started giving Wil the ‘OK’ sign from across the room as a sign to drop the fight and that I know he is actually “right” but its not worth fighting over.  We’ve actually been doing this for 6+months with Wil and it helps calm him down, and funny enough, I just started doing it with Evie when Zev is acting crazy!!
–Evie has done this to herself at least 3 times — HOW??
–I have had a few calls from school about Wil’s behavior (as usual).  The teacher’s have all been super nice and just trying to help and make sure we are all on the same page to get him focused.  But I have come to dread when I see his school’s phone number pop-up on my phone.  One day when I saw the incoming call, I took a deep breath and answered — and it was the school nurse saying that he bumped his head on the playground and came in for an ice pack. THANK GOODNESS.  I was so relieved it was just a head wound instead of him acting up.
–Zev LOVES to talk these days.  But you HAVE to acknowledge him.  He will say ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’ or the newest phrase “I LOVE THIS SONG!” over and over and over and over and over — until you say ‘OK Zev — Me too.’ or ‘I love you too’ or ‘youre welcome’.  I guess that first year of life being put in corners and being completely ignored are catching up to us — HE WILL NOT BE IGNORED!

Still trying to get out on walks before it hits negative degrees.

–Evie loves to play cards — especially ‘Go Fish’.  But (as you expect) she cant lose or all hell breaks loose.  I have at least tried to give her an advantage by ‘guessing’ which cards I have by giving her math problems.  So if I have 7s, I’ll say “I’ll give you a hint — whats 9 minus 2”  Then she magically guesses what I have and never loses! Go figure.

Long afternoon at IKEA

–Daily routine: Kids are up at 7:00.  Wil’s bus leaves at 8:19 (hypothetically — dont get me started on the bus system — its up to 20 minutes late).  Then I have less than 10 minutes to get Evie to school.  But then I just have Zev until 11:30 when I pick-up Evie.  Then we do lunch and Zev takes a nap from 12:00ish to 2:30, where I just have Evie.  Then Wil is home at 3:00.  So its relatively easy from 8:30 — 2:30.  Then all 3 are together until bedtime at 7:30. (Oy!)  We tried to stay busy this fall with dance, gymnastics, soccer and many many play-dates.
–Phil went to Hawaii!!! That was a tough one to swallow at home with the kids — but Im happy hes in a position where he could do awesome things like this.
–Wil is losing teeth! And I am the WORST tooth fairy ever.  I cant go into his room while he is sleeping without completely freaking out.  I start to go in but then start to laugh.  I am so nervous about being caught!!  Phil has to do it.  And then on one tooth — we forgot!!  We just said the tooth fairy was super busy that night?!!?  Ugh.  We’re the worst. But the tooth fairy paid double the next night.
–I got to meet baby Lilah!!
So yeah — Fall was happening around here!!  Here are all of the ‘left-over’ pictures:

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Zev is 2

I cant believe the last 2 year have gone by so fast. We have had so many changes in our life between the time I was pregnant with Zev until now.  Hes just been along for the ride the entire time.  Between all the moves, I barely had time to make sure he had clothes that fit or see if places were properly baby-proofed, but he managed to survive.  And now, in the last few months, with Evie and Wil at school 5 days a week — I finally get some time where I can focus just on him.  I still havent signed him up for a single activity but we do make it to library story time here or there — so that counts, right?

Zev is saying new things all the time.  He will copy anything you say to him.  Which is hilarious when Evie whispers things like ‘poopy butt’ in his ear — which he’ll then repeat over and over like a parrot (but then she swears she didnt say anything at all).  He knows to say ‘please’ when he really wants something. He knows to say ‘ME TOO’ when I’m asking the big kids what they want to eat or play — he will not be left out! When he has nothing else to say he just runs around the house saying ‘I love you’ or “I ruv roo”.


He started taking his naps on a little floor mattress and has been totally cool with it.  AND has given up on his pacifiers.  He eventually bit a hole in every single one and would spit it out and say ‘yucky’, and I stopped buying new ones and he just gave up on them!  Dont know how we got so lucky.  Evie would cry bloody murder without her beloved ‘ninny’ — but somehow Zev is just fine without them!


He loves to be outside and help dad in the yard.  We have these two large locust trees in our yard that have these black pea pods that come down in the fall.  When there are just a few, Phil and Zev would pick them up and put them in a box to carry to the woods.  But eventually there were just too many to pick up or rake and Phil has to mulch them with the mower.  But it was pretty hilarious to see Zev freak out every morning when new pea pods fell  — he would yell ‘MORE PEA PODS’ and try to pick them all up every morning but there were thousands! He was flabbergasted.

He does so many more things on his own compared to my other kids.  It might be because I cant watch him as well as I watched the other two (Im severely outnumbered when Phil is at work!).  But Ive also probably relaxed a bit over the years and let him figure this out on his own.  I put him on a tractor ride that I would have never in a million years put any of my other kids on.  It was definitely aimed at preschoolers, not toddlers.  It went way too fast and counted on the kids to hold on and stay in their seat (both of which are ‘iffy’ directions for a two year old).  But he survived.  Hes also already going down the hill on the scooter — I at least put a helmet on the kid.


Zev was the shyest of all my kids — maybe because Ive been at home with him the last 2 years.  He would always hide when strangers said hi and would cry if I left him with anyone. But hes starting to come out of his shell.  He’ll say hi to other moms and has a few little sibling friends he’ll play with at playdates.


He currently loved all things toy story (“woody-buzz”), mickey mouse, or sesame street (“Melmo-abby”).  He loves dancing — he squats real low and swing his hips around.  His favorite song is Old McDonald and you’ll hear his just “E-I-E-I-O — woof woof here” all around the house. Hes also entered into the ‘terrible two’ phase where he will throw a fit if I take something away or say no.  At least its easier to handle the 3rd time around.


Now that we are at ages 2, 4, and 6 — life is much more manageable.  I feel like we are coming out of the fog of the baby years and are starting to really have some fun.  Zev likes to do whatever the big kids are doing and they are all finally starting to play together.


We had an extremely busy fall with phil traveling, visitors and some sickness — so I wanted nothing more than a quiet birthday weekend celebrating my ‘baby’  — eating cake and lots of snuggles.  The big kids had a great time decorating the house and wrapping presents for him and Zev loved all the commotion and activities. It was a nice low-key day as a family.  Happy Birthday Zev — you add so much happiness to our lives.


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We Did Disney

We went to Disney World!! And lived to tell about it. Phil and I had been thinking about doing it before we missed a good ‘window’ with Wil and Evie — but were scared to take Zev as well, but my parents were down to go — so we decided to make a big family trip out of it!


Wil had an early fall break at the end of September.  So we flew down on a Thursday and stayed at the airport hotel that evening — then spent Friday through Monday at Disney.  Friday we woke up early to get over to the new hotel, drop bags, then get on the bus to Animal Kingdom.  The kids were getting pretty restless after traveling most of thursday and on buses all of friday morning — but we finally made it to our first attraction around noon on Friday afternoon.  We hung out at the Dinosaur playground before it was time to do the Dinosaur ride.  We had to rider swap a lot because Zev wasnt tall enough — but he was able to do smaller things like the ‘Dumbo’ type rides.  We also lucked out with him napping in the stroller for a while since we couldnt make it back to hotel that first day. Once he was awake he enjoyed the bird shows and ice cream 🙂


We avoided a few thunderstorms while in shows like the Lion King and in Pandora land.  Pandora land was super cool! We got fast passes for the new River ride but unfortunately didnt make it onto the Flight of Passage.  We made it on the Safari — but had to high-tail it home after that because kids were breaking down.  There was no way they were going to make any of the night shows.


The next morning we were up bright and early for a full day at Magic Kingdom. We had great weather in the morning and did nearly all of fantasy land in one swoop!  We had a few things we knew the kids would want to do — but kept options open in case Evie wanted to meet princesses or anything — but she was all about the roller coasters!  It was awesome.  We did Goofy’s barnstormer 3 times in a row when no one was in line.  We were in walking distance to magic kingdom so it was easy to be there early with less crowds and easily make it back to hotel for nap time around noon.



We headed back to Magic Kingdom for our Seven dwarfs Fast Pass around 3.  Then Wil and Evie had reservations at the Bippity Boppity Boutique — while the Dads found activities for Zev. Evie was a bit unsure of the boutique but eventually got into it, Wil loved it!  They made a great princess + Knight pair! After that we killed some time and avoided some rainstorms in Adventure land with Aladdin and the Tiki Room before our Thunder Mountain Fast Pass.   A few months ago I worried that we wasted a Fast Pass on Thunder Mountain, not sure if the kids would be able to handle a big roller coaster — but after a full day of rides once we got there — I knew it would be a hit.  And they loved it!!


After that the kids were getting grumpy again — so we headed back to the hotel and watched the fireworks from the balcony instead of trying to stick around for any of the shows in the park.


On Sunday — we slept in and spent some time at the pool before our Character Breakfast at the hotel.  I wasnt sure how much the kids would be into the breakfast since they didnt care too much about meeting people in the park — but once they were there — they loooooved it.  I love these smiles.


After a quick Zev nap and more pool time, we headed back to magic kingdom for our last few rides.  Kids liked the Pirate of the Caribbean and Zev loved the Buzz Light year ride.  We headed back even earlier on Sunday to spend more time at the pool before bedtime!


Monday morning — we packed up, headed back to the airport and made it home by 5  that night to get ready for school the next day!!


It was such a whirlwind and we were completely exhausted, but Wil and Evie love talking about it and had a genuinely awesome time. I’m so glad we brought Zev in hindsight — he had a great time too — even if he wont remember it.  And we definitely could not (would not) have done it without my parents. (THANKS MOM AND DAD!).


I feel like I’m part of a club now that I’m ‘on the other side’ of this trip.  I had no freaking idea how big and involved this trip was going to be when were throwing around ideas to go last spring.  But once it was a go, my Mom (super planner extraordinaire) had hotel reservations, bippity-boppity boutique and character breakfast planned exactly 6-months out.  Then I worked on the itinerary and fast-passes 60 days out.  We were researching food options and stroller rentals a few weeks out.  Nearly everything we did was planned before we left, which was really overwhelming at the time, but once youre there — you just follow the plan (and take care of 3 children under 6….).  Piece of Cake!  Without the pre-planning we definitely would have missed out on something — but I really feel like we did it all.


And now we’re riding the post-vacation high — where we get to sit on the couch and do nothing and just look at pictures and remember the happy times (and not how hard it was!). We’ll go back in like 4 years when Zev is old enough (and tall enough) to have a good time. Until then — I’ll look at the pictures daily and be thankful for the good trip we had!


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Summer 2017

Wow this was the busiest summer yet — and i’m sure it will continue to get busier for years to come!

School was out June 7th — Then the first person got the stomach bug on June 9th…which swept through the house until June 16th.  Aye ye ye.  Loooong week over here.

20170618_194820 (2)

June 17th/18th — Evie’s Dance recital and Fathers Day!! Everyone came up for the occasion and we all had a great time celebrating!!


June 17th — 23rd — Phil was traveling so Mimi stayed and helped with the kids — then Busia swapped out and took over until Wils party.  Thank goodness for Grandmas!!

20170618_155106 (2)20170728_205113

June 24th– Wil’s birthday party!


June 29th — road trip to Btown for Watkins reunion!


July 4th — back to Chicago for the 4th


July 5th – 8th — Wozniaks in town for a visit — Phil and I got to go out on a hike


July 10th — 28th — SUMMERRRRRR in Long Grove!! I honestly couldnt even remember what all we did in our few weeks ‘off’ but pictures seem to indicate we… went bowling, had swim lessons, went to the zoo, paddle boating, and lotssss of bike riding.  It was nice to set our own agenda for a few weeks.


July 29th — Wil’s belt test!with Busia and Dziadzie! — then Phil traveling until Aug 3rd


Aug 4th — road trip to Columbus OH for an extended family reunion — then down to Bloomington for dentist appointments — followed by a Wozniak family reunion from Aug 11 to Aug 14


Aug 15th — back to Long Grove –then school started Aug 17 and Aug 23!!


Phil and I were able to squeeze in a cubs game on Aug 20th, too — an end of summer celebration! Woohoo!



Seriously — I looked forward to school starting to catch my breath!! I will never take routine for granted again… Summer kicked my butt!  Here are all the leftover memories:


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