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June 2014

June was fabulous.  Since Liz is done with school for the year, she comes to help out on Tuesdays and I am able to get into the office more.  This has freed up so much time for me on the weekends and evenings.  We are living it up on my days off and spending tons of time as a family.  We celebrated fathers day at the science museum, We went down to D.C. on another weekend,  We have gone to a few of the Patterson Park Concert Series near the gardens.  And of course, we finished June off by celebrating Wil’s birthday!  I’ll do another post on Wil’s 3rd year of life.  But here is a plethora of pictures for you all:


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Evie is 1!


We had a low-key birthday here at home.  Originally we were hoping to meet some friends at the tot-lot for a little get together, but it was overcast and rainy, so we kept it indoors.  Busia and Dzia-dzia were here to celebrate though!  And Evie and Wil still had a great time opening presents, eating cake, and playing with balloons.  Then we all walked down to Bistro for dinner.  It turned out to be a really great evening!

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Somewhere over the past 6-months, it has definitely taken a turn in this house with ‘who is the more difficult child’.  Evie use to just sit back and smile, laugh, watching wil and play by herself, while Wil struggled to communicate and needed constant attention.  But everything has changed!  Evie is into evvvvvverything. And loves to scream, cry and throw tantrums when she doesnt get her way (just like daddy).  Coupled with a bunch of teeth coming in – she is a tough cookie these days!!  Wil, on the other hand, is quite pleasant.  So Phil and I definitely play hand-off with Evie a lot more than Wil these days.  We always joke that everyday Evie is looking for a way to ‘off herself’ and its Phil and my job to stop it.  Its quite a game. (Hilarious, right?).  Shes always trying to climb up on large chairs over the hardwood floors and Phil and I have to catch her before she actually goes through with it. This house is pretty well baby-proofed, making the game that much more fun/difficult.  She’s always looking for something! She still loves the pacifier…though sometimes I think Phil and I love it more than her, because its the only thing that will keep her quiet happy!!

Evie is 23 lbs (still in the top 90% – but under what I thought she would weigh – we were all guessing 27ish).  and 2’6″ tall.  She is starting to lose the baby-fat and is slimming down quite nicely 🙂  I’ll miss her mid-arm and mid-leg rolls, but shes hanging on to those cheeks!  She has 8 teeth all the way in and working on canines and molars.  She is definitely taking steps, but I wouldn’t say ‘walking’ yet.  She is still way ahead of Wil at 1-year   – he wasnt even considering walking yet! Evie will walk from the coffee table to the couch, but wont stand up on her own mid-room or anything.  She loves to walk if you hold her hand, but wont do it on her own yet.  She says mama and dada pretty consistently, and ‘That’ a lot when she wants something.  Not sure if she has a word for ‘Wil’ yet but she knows ‘dog’!  Her most recent and favorite word is ‘uh-oh’ which she proclaims after throwing things from her chair.   I still havent had the nerve to cut her hair — I think it would look better if I gave her some bangs and evened it out, but I just cant do it yet.  I love her long hair! And nearly all can finally fit in a pony-tail.

I know Ive been giving Evie a hard time this post, but overall she is a joy to watch grow and develop.  She is her own independent person in this house.  She loves to dance whenever she hears music and hates when you eat anything in front of her without sharing.  She loooooves the bath  – especially when you give her extra time to splash, kick, and scream.  She has her fathers love of climbing — we try to take her to safe places to climb up on padded things – but she much prefers dining room chairs and floating staircases. My favorite time with her is between 1pm and 2pm.  Wil goes down for his nap and I have one hour to spoil Evie like an only child before her nap time at 2.  She can have whatever toy she wants without fear of Wil stealing it.  And I try to give her all my attention.  This is definitely her happiest hour.


Happy First Birthday Evie.  You’re one of my favorite people. We love you.

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