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Hi Ho Hi Ho

Things are a little nuts around woznation.  After a slew of phone interviews and a few all-day interviews, I found a great research statistician job at Hopkins.  Once I accepted, they gave me a whopping 3 weeks to find daycare and start the position!  So Ive been busting my ass to tie up all the loose ends before starting work this coming week.   Good thing I handle stress and change so well. Oh wait, I don’t.  But a steady diet of back rubs and beta-blockers are getting me through.

Found Daycare.  Finished CITI training (yeah you researchers know what Im talking about. Ugh). Found dog walker.  Bought appropriate clothing.  Cleaned house.  And Phil is away on a bachelor party vacation – so Ive been on Wilek duty 24/7.   As you can tell, ‘blogging’ isnt very high on the priority list.  I have barely remembered to take any pictures.   So for today – I am posting all the pictures I pulled off Phil’s phone last week.  Hopefully we can get some more videos up soon, too.  Wil is a lightening fast crawler and pulling himself up to standing.  He also feeds himself cheerios, hates things on his head, and loves the duck pond.  And hes 21 lbs!

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