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Halloween 2013

Halloween was another tough one this year.  From our experience last year, we knew Wil wasnt a huge fan of pumpkins or halloween costumes.  However, we have finally started allowing occasional candy – so we thought that might entice him this year.  It was only somewhat successful.  We tried to do pumpkins the weekend before with Phil and Maggie, but Wilek had no interest.  He did like them when they were lit up – and liked pointing them out on walks with daddy – but wasnt interested in carving them or getting gooey.

We knew Wil wouldnt be super into costumes.  But we did know that Evie would make an awesome Elvis.  As I was shopping around for Evie Elvis costumes, I saw toddler costumes that I thought Wil might tolerate over his other clothing. Thus, they both went as elvis.  Evie had the hair for it – but we didnt bother with Wil.  But we did buy Wil a new toy microphone that he carried around.  I ordered the costumes a month early and practiced wearing it with Wil a few times before Halloween.  We bought the pumpkin pale a few weeks before, too – and practiced ‘trick-or-treating’ in the kitchen.  Wil would wear his costume and say ‘trick-or-treat’ and I would put an m&m in his bucket.  Again…it was somewhat successful.

So Halloween finally arrived – we had a fun morning planned with some of my friends.  Halloween fell on a Thursday, so I was out of the office, which was nice (unlike last year, when I got home at 5:30pm). Anyway, a few of us with toddlers and new babies decided to head to the zoo!  Wil did pretty well but we ducked out early to get him down for a decent nap before activities started. (Wil had fallen the day before, so he had a gnarly scratch on his nose.)





Then around 4pm – phil got home from work early and we headed to a neighborhood kids halloween party!  We were able to get Wil in his costume for a bit – but I must admit, Evie made a waaaay better Elvis.





We left the neighborhood party early to try our hand at trick or treating for the first time ever.  Wil was NOT interested at first.  We tried to get him to go to 2 houses, but he would just break down – wet noodle style.  We finally forced him to go up to one of our neighbors who was sitting outside handing out candy.  Wil was screaming the entire time – but he gave Wil (me) 2 pieces and I opened one – a twizzler – on the spot and gave it to him so he could reap the reward.


Finally, it wasnt so bad!!!!  Phil and I switched (He had been sitting on the stoop with Evie passing out candy).  Phil and Wil had a much better time. Wilek was happy to go up to doors and knock – and was especially excited about any and all twizzlers.


That night we ordered pizza (a new halloween tradition?!) and rode the sugar-high wave until around 8:30pm. Weeeeeeeeeeeee.


I have high-hopes for next year!!

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Phil and Maggie!

My brother and sister-in-law came to visit at the end of October!  It was their first trip to Baltimore – and a great excuse for Phil and I to take some time off work and show them around the city.

Side story:  I first met Maggie in the fall of 2005.  I had just started grad school at Purdue, and Phil and I took a trip up to Michigan to see my brother for the weekend.  We all hung out over a halloween weekend – attended a football game – and had a grand old time. So I got back to Purdue and told all my new friends that I met Phil’s girlfriend and she was wonderful and we all had a great time.  However, some of them did not know I had a brother named Phil – and assumed that I had met my boyfriends other girlfriend (?)  and I was just super open and supportive about it! haha!  From then on, I made sure to be upfront about having a brother named Phil, as well. You can usually tell in the context of the story who I’m talking about…

Phil and Mags got in around noon on Friday – so Phil and I both took half days and spent the afternoon in inner harbor.  We went to Pratt Street Ale house for the first time and then went to the National Dentistry Museum.  It was by appointment only – very fancy.  And very cool to see all the old relics of dentistry past. Some hadnt changed much. Either dentistry was way ahead of its time – or its currently way behind.  I havent decided which.




After that, we walked around downtown a bit more – showing them Camden Yards and Pickles:



We took it easy Friday night – and then hung around with the kiddos on Saturday.  We walked around patterson park, fed the ducks, and carved pumpkins.






Then we even got a babysitter for a few hours so we could go out to the bars like hip youngsters do on saturday nights.  It was the weekend before halloween, but we were too cool for costume.  Yet we saw a bunch of fun ones.  It was just exciting to be out of the house, hanging out with friends!


Drs. P & M Watkins left on Sunday afternoon to get back to their 9-5 jobs in battle creek, MI.  We’re so thankful they came all this way so we could all visit for the weekend.  Thanks guys!  We hope to make it to the mitten soon!

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Fall 2013

We’ve had an amazing fall here in Baltimore.  Last year, I was in the first trimester with Evie and didnt feel like doing much; and the year before I was still getting the hang of having a baby – and much to scared to leave the house that often.  This is the first year we have taken full advantage of my favorite season.  We love heading to the park any chance we get.



This is one of my favorite pictures:


Evie is usually calm and quiet as she takes it all in.  Shes looks like a different baby without the hair – haha!



Feeding the ducks is Wil’s favorite thing to do these days:




We’ve taken a few outings down to the water and out to Webers Cider Mill:




They had so many activities for toddlers.  Wil especially loved the hay maze.  Phil has a great video of them running through it (Phil is working on organizing all our videos – I dont think we’ve posted any since last christmas!)  We had Evie with us at the Cider Mill – but she was tucked away sleeping in the car-seat, so no pictures.






I swear Wil was having a great time.  He just decided to frown in the following 2 pictures.


This picture was actually from Liz, when she went to the cider farm on a different day with the kiddos and another family.  Again, Wil decides hes unhappy right as the picture is being taken.


It has also been fun to have slow saturday mornings snuggling at home. Wil is enjoying interacting with Evie more and more.


Haha – He did this to himself.  We got these new boots at goodwill and didnt think hed like them – but we tried them on once and he refused to take them off!  And then he decided he needed a backwards hat.  He walked around like this all night.


The hair…




Selfies are all the rage right now, right? Next up, a visit from Phil and Maggie! Yay!

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