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Oh Zev.  You’re growing up so fast.  I cant pretend that you’re a baby anymore — You are running everywhere and talking up a storm.  I dont think I have seen you sit still for more than 1 minute (unless I put on ‘Melmo’ – then I might get 5 minutes of stillness, but thats rare).


Zev is the destroyer of all things.  He is constantly on a mission to find something to break.  When hes fussy – I actually tell the big kids to go build something for him to break — Lego tower, magnatile house, building blocks — anything for him to crush or dismantle seems to make him happy.

He loves to ‘read’ books — he likes turning pages and pointing to things. (Board books only!  If he gets his hands on paper – he will rip it into a million pieces!) He has most of his animal sounds down and is starting basic words like ‘dog’, ‘choo choo’, ‘ninny’.  He thinks that plants are called ‘No no no’ because every time he gets near them, thats what I’m yelling.  So now he points to them and says ‘No no no’! He can say ‘Mama’, ‘Dada’, and ‘Wil (sounds like Wow!)’ but cant quite says Evie, but occasionally copies me when I say ‘Sissy’.


Zev loves baths and makes a beeline for the stairs as soon as I say ‘splash splash?’  I end up soaked after every bath session – he laughs hysterically while splashing and throwing things everything. We went to a waterpark over spring break and it was basically heaven for him.

He never sits still and is always climbing or running.  His favorite thing is to climb up on the couch and run from end to end.  Which leads to him falling off the couch constantly, but it never seems to deter him from doing it again.  He was our first kid that had to go to immediate care and I’m guessing there will be more instances.


Hes 30 lbs (!!) but still wants to be held or in my lap. He is exhausting!  I seriously cant get a single thing done while hes awake because he wants to be right in the middle of anything going on.  He is starting to reach things on the counter and tries to pull everything down.  I have a two hour window during his nap that I try to accomplish everything (or rest).


He is by far the shyest kid of them all.  He’ll cover his eyes as soon as you look at him (or will give the stink eye) and never smiles at strangers.  It takes him a very long time to warm up to people, which made getting babysitters very hard.  He is skeptical of most new things and has the best furrowed brow ive ever seen.


Zev is starting to become a big kid!  He is happy doing most things that Wil and Evie are doing including climbing on playgrounds, watching movies and eating popcorn, coloring, etc.  Its fun to do things with all 3 of them together instead of finding separate activities for them.  I can see an easier and more uniform life on the horizon.  And as much as I’ll miss having a baby in the house,  I’m excited about all the fun times in store for us.


Love you ZP!

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This winter was rough.  When daylight savings ended and it started getting dark at like 4:30, I felt like we struggled every night.  It is so hard to keep all 3 kids happy cooped up in the house and they got sick of all 3 of our closest libraries really fast.  We added a few activities to help keep the kids busy —  Wil started taekwondo and Evie started dance.  Evie is also doing an extra day of school for 3 total days and Wil is going ‘long’ days (until 2pm) on M/W.  We also finally found a few babysitters in the area and have been using them on Wednesday and Friday afternoons — It makes it easier for me to run kids to activities and not disrupt Zev’s nap and it gives me a chance to occasionally get some Hopkins work done during the day instead of evenings and weekends.

Phil and I made it into the city a few times — We went to Hamilton (our big christmas present! and it was sooo amazing) and also saw Regina Spektor at Chicago Theater which was beautiful.

We had our first trip to immediate care, ever.  I’m actually surprised it took 5.5 years of parenthood until we had a true emergency.  I’m not surprised it was Zev.  He fell right into a door hinge and needed liquid stitches.  Yuck.

Auntie Em had her baby! Welcome to the world cousin Hank!

Annakate came to Chicago! It was so great to have a day catching up with her.

We introduced Wil and Evie to Mario Cart. It took a few weeks to catch on but Wil is legitimately good now, he has beaten Bmalm several times.  Evie still likes to ‘explore’ rather than race the courses.  But then gets mad when she loses.

We are finally finally finally almost done with all the boxes in our house!! I swear I’ll do a house tour once the last few things are on the walls, and the dining room is done, and the workout room is done….so like…1 more year…But its nice that things are finally finding a place in our home.

Here is a montage of our winter in Long Grove — with lots of leftover holiday pictures as well —

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