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14 New Wilek Videos

Lots of new Videos over at the Wilek Videos tab. If nothing else I recommend watching the one with goat.

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Halloween 2012

Halloween was kind of a bust this year.  I had a late meeting and wasnt able to pick up Wil til nearly 6. We missed the first round of trick-or-treaters.  Wil was not a huge fan of the Yoda costume – mainly the head-piece.  And it was a pretty chilly night to sit on the porch.  But we got dressed up and did the song and dance for a few pictures.  We still have a few trick-or-treaters come by (but had lots of left over candy – yum!).

We had done pumpkins the weekend before.  I tried to get Wil involved and thought he would like feeling the seeds inside the pumpkin, but I was wrong.  I guess hes not really into slimy things yet.  But once they were cleaned out, he enjoyed taking the tops on and off.  I saw a cute idea to trace his hands and carve them on the pumpkin.  (It of course didnt turn out quite like the tutorial! ha.  Im not very crafty).  I made the other much simpler.

I think next year he’ll be ready to walk around the neighborhood and it’ll be much more exciting!

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