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Phil traveled back to indiana for a good friends wedding, and I, unfortunately, had to stay and work due to unforgiving shortage of vacation days.  To turn a frown upside down, I decided to make the most of my time with Wilek and went to the farmers market, DBFA pool party, the aquarium, and library in 2 days time.  I was mom of the year, until he got sick from all the germs i exposed him to.  awesome.  Here were fun times before the cold hit:

We go to the farmers market fairly often.  So that wasnt new.  But the trip to the pool was his first ever.  We have done a few splash pools at Mimi and PopPops and Busia and DziaDzias, but this was a whole new ball game.  Similar to past experiences, when I first put him in the water, he screamed bloody murder. I thought the afternoon was done-for, but we kept with it in the splash pad and introduced him to some toys and he slowly got use to the water.

We finally made our way over to the big kid pool, which was actually much warmer, and he loved it!!!  Someone was nice enough to take a quick picture of us.  But there was also a professional photographer there, hired by the DBFA and I hope to order/buy some of the pictures she was taking, too.  Wil loves being thrown in the air and ‘jumping’ (read: falling) from the side of the pool, into the water.  It was such a fun day!!

We are yearly members of the aquarium, so on sunday afternoon while i was shopping we decided to hop into the aquarium!  I got a few videos that didnt really turn out, and here was one picture.  Hes definitely more into it now.  But we only stayed for 45 minutes due to nap time.

Mondays are my normal days off, and I try to attend “mother goose nursery rhymes’ at the library, where they read books and sing songs for ages 1 through 3.  Of course the one week I make it, its cancelled as they get ready for the school year.  Luckily, I was not the only mother to not know this, and there were plenty of kids to hang out with for an impromto play-date. (haha, wordpress tried to correct my ‘imprompto’ to ‘improper’.  I assure you it was a very civilized play-date.)

(Yes his shoes are too small.)  The next morning he woke up with a killer runny nose that is slowly making its way through our house.  The price we pay for fun!!

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new camera

well, its actually my old camera.  my cell phone camera has become sub-par, so i have re-discovered my old canon.  and i have been on a picture-taking spree!!  check out ol’ blue eyes:

We got caught in the rain one day – how cute:

Still loves that window:

Getting ready for AKs wedding in nashville:

So many good things to come!

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I still have no idea how to pronounce ‘Catoctin’, but thats where we went hiking. Its where Camp David is located and is about 1.25 hours northwest of Baltimore.  In the past we have gone hiking close to Baltimore and stayed pretty much at sea level.  This past weekend I was in the mood for some views and boy did we get them.  The first trail we did was to Chimney Rock:

Did I get my view, or what?!  This trail rivaled my other favorite trail of all time; coincidentally called Chimney Tops.  Apparently I like rocks.

Its the ciiiiiiiiircle of liiiiife:

The second trail we did was to Cumberland Falls.  I was already exhausted from the ~5 miles round trip of Chimney Rock.  But I was bound and determined to show Wilek the waterfall.  So we set out on the 2.8 round trip. Aaaaand after 1.3 miles we came upon another paved trail-head to the actual waterfall, haha (basically, we could have just driven there and walked .1 miles instead of the additional 2.6 from where our car was parked.  Oh well.)  Since the place was easily accessible, it was packed so we didnt stay long.  We tried to get Wil to splash around in the creek bed, but he had nothing of it and kept lifting his feet up for Phil to hold him.

I managed to get one picture without a ton of people in it:

It was worth the trip, for sure.  I hope to make it back to this park in the fall!!

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After our trip to Bloomington in early July, I had about 10 days to regroup before heading off to Florida to celebrate Shels upcoming nuptials.  I had a glorious 5 day vacation down in the Florida Keys.  Most of the pictures are not blog appropriate, but I threw in a sunset for you enjoyment. Other than that, we’ve been staying close to home – attempting to stay on top of work deadlines and piles of laundry.   We also had our second haircut in 3 months. It was already in his eyes – so we decided to go army style so we wouldnt have to go back so often.  He is kind of like a little drill sergeant now, always barking orders!

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We took a nice 5-day trip to Bloomington over the 4th of July holiday to see some friends get married and celebrate Wileks first birthday.  Since I already went over the birthday details, I thought I’d post some of the other pics from the weekend (a few stolen from Cel -thanks!)  Lots of brother, sister, friend time .  Life was good:

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Wilek’s First Birthday

Ahhh, my little boy is one.  I can hardly believe it.  Hes such a big guy that everyone always thinks hes older than he is, but he’s still very much a baby to me.  He still not interested in walking that much. He pushes his walking cart around, but wont take a go at it on his own.  He says a few select sounds at certain objects.  For example, he says ‘dada’ at every dog we pass, but he also says ‘dada’  when phil gets home from work, and at the refrigerator.  We still dont know what his first word is, since he kind of calls everything the same thing and its not consistent yet.  I’m enjoying this time before true toddler-hood starts. And we celebrated his 1st first a number of ways.  For his actual birthday, it was just Phil, Wil and I in Baltimore.  He spent the day at the children’s museum, skyping with family, opening presents and eating his first cupcake!

Wil was a bit hesitant with the cupcake.  He would actually take a bite of it, but he liked picking off the icing and eating that.  We dont have a picture of when the thing was torn apart, but I think we have a video.

Of course, the box the toys came in was more fun than the toys themselves.

We also had a family celebration in Bloomington the week after:

Since the cupcake wasnt a hit, I decided for something a little more dense (he doesnt seem to like fluffy things, like bread or cake).  So my mom and I made these cute sugar cookies and made a sprinkles ‘1’ with a cookie-cutter on top.  I was pretty proud of them.

Even though it was hot, we set up camp in a shelter at Highland park where we opened presents, played with balloons, sang happy birthday, and ate cookies. I dont seem to have a copy of the group shot, but all Wileks grandparents, and Auntie Em were there to celebrate!  Thank you everyone one who came out and made Wil’s first birthday so special!

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