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Summer 2017

Wow this was the busiest summer yet — and i’m sure it will continue to get busier for years to come!

School was out June 7th — Then the first person got the stomach bug on June 9th…which swept through the house until June 16th.  Aye ye ye.  Loooong week over here.

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June 17th/18th — Evie’s Dance recital and Fathers Day!! Everyone came up for the occasion and we all had a great time celebrating!!


June 17th — 23rd — Phil was traveling so Mimi stayed and helped with the kids — then Busia swapped out and took over until Wils party.  Thank goodness for Grandmas!!

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June 24th– Wil’s birthday party!


June 29th — road trip to Btown for Watkins reunion!


July 4th — back to Chicago for the 4th


July 5th – 8th — Wozniaks in town for a visit — Phil and I got to go out on a hike


July 10th — 28th — SUMMERRRRRR in Long Grove!! I honestly couldnt even remember what all we did in our few weeks ‘off’ but pictures seem to indicate we… went bowling, had swim lessons, went to the zoo, paddle boating, and lotssss of bike riding.  It was nice to set our own agenda for a few weeks.


July 29th — Wil’s belt test!with Busia and Dziadzie! — then Phil traveling until Aug 3rd


Aug 4th — road trip to Columbus OH for an extended family reunion — then down to Bloomington for dentist appointments — followed by a Wozniak family reunion from Aug 11 to Aug 14


Aug 15th — back to Long Grove –then school started Aug 17 and Aug 23!!


Phil and I were able to squeeze in a cubs game on Aug 20th, too — an end of summer celebration! Woohoo!



Seriously — I looked forward to school starting to catch my breath!! I will never take routine for granted again… Summer kicked my butt!  Here are all the leftover memories:


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Happy 6th birthday Wil!



How did you get so big? I swear hes grown over a foot in the last year – but I just looked and it was only a couple of inches.  But I doubt hes gained a pound.  Hes a tall, lanky boy these days.  He dresses and bathes himself for the most part. He gets himself his own snacks (but we’re working on cleaning up after himself). He still needs some prompting to try and do new things.  Hes definitely the most cautious of all the kids – he doesn’t really seek out new things, but once hes done it once or twice, he’s totally fine.


Wil did six months of Tae Kwon Do – and was so awesome!  It was definitely outside of his comfort zone – it was very structured, no messing around and he had to memorize so many routines. Over the six months, he advanced from white belt to yellow belt! With each advancement there was a ‘belt test’ where he had to perform 4 to 5 tape routines, recite his Korean terms, and break a board while a crowd of parents looked on!  What an awesome kid! He now wants to take a break and is instead doing gymnastics and dance this fall – but I loved that he stuck with it for so long.

He is so inquisitive and asks soooooo many questions — especially at bedtime.  Its nearly impossible to get out the door when kissing him goodnight.  While I’m at the door he’ll go ‘WAIT…..How do blankets get made?’ and I’ll try to give a quick synopsis of sheeps’ wool and a loom.  Then he’ll go ‘Ok. AAAAND…why do bats wake up at nighttime?’  Like a completely unrelated thing!  So I go into nocturnal animals, yadda yadda yadda.  And then another completely unrelated thing! ‘And how do you make paint and stickers?’ Ahhhhh. I love it but I gotta go to bed sometime!  We’ve started watching age-appropriate ‘hows its made’ videos on youtube and as many science cartoons as we can!


Wil is thorough.  Everything he does needs to be done through completion.  At school when they were practicing their counting – they sometimes had to draw the same number of items in a jar (like if they are working on the number 12, a kid might draw 12 balls) – well Wil would always choose spiders and each spider had to have 8 legs – so he would never get it done in time because he spent so much time making sure there were 12 spiders each with exactly 8 legs – but he would always bring it home to finish it and take it back to show the teacher.  And when coloring – he likes to color the WHOLE page.  Every inch of construction paper will be covered with crayon.


One evening as I was pulling back the sheets for Wil to go to bed a GIANT black spider darted across his bed.  I hate spiders and was terrified but I smashed the spider as quickly as I could — before Wil could see it — knowing he would not sleep well if he thought there were a bunch of spiders in his bed (He doesnt mind spiders — but likes other bugs way more).  As I was grabbing a tissue to clean it up, he asked me what just happened and I said there was a ladybug friend on his bed and I accidentally smooshed it thinking it was a spider.  Then he was ssoooooo mad at me!  He reminded me every night for like a week to not hurt his ladybug friends – I had to bite my tongue every night that I actually SAVED HIS LIFE from the giant spider.


Wil has a very hard time being serious.  His answer to every question is nearly always the opposite of what he means – then he laughs and says just kidding.  The kid has discovered sarcasm and wont give it up!  He likes using silly voices and loves make faces at people (or at himself in the mirror).  He loves making up jokes  – but they rarely make sense.  “Why did the chicken cross the road? To go climb a tree!! HAHAHAH”.  The kid thinks he’s hilarious. And I don’t want to squash his sense of humor – so we try to foster it at home and hone it in so its not disruptive at school.  Hopefully we can keep him focused when it counts — then who knows – maybe he’ll be the next Will Ferrell.


Right now, hes super into bike riding — he’ll go forever with his training wheels, and is very into trying the two-wheeler as long as Phil and I are holding onto him. Hes still a little too nervous to do it on his own – but I bet by the end of fall he’ll have it down.


After 6 years – we finally threw this kid a birthday party!!!  We were so excited to be settled in the new house and able to have people over to celebrate this birthday. The thing Wil wanted most in the world was a bouncy house!  So we invited over family and a handful of our closest friends who he’s gotten to know over the year — a few friends from school and some from after-school activities.  It was open house style so that people could come whenever worked and Wil loved having people at his house and bouncing all day long.  The whole family had a blast!

Here is Wils 6 year questionnaire – (finally done in early September when I finally got around to writing this post!)

  1. What is your favorite color? teal
  2. What is your favorite toy?  Dragon
  3. What is your favorite food? hot dogs
  4. What is your favorite show? Wild Kratts
  5. What is your favorite thing to wear? Mario stuff
  6. What is your favorite animal? tiger
  7. What is your favorite song? tu ra looo ra (unchanged!)
  8. What is your favorite book? Avengers book
  9. Who is your best friend? Cousin Luke (unchanged!)
  10. What is your favorite game? Tickle monster with dad
  11. What do you sleep with at night? My Dragon
  12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Scientist


Happy Birthday buddy — you’ve made our last 6 years an adventure.


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