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Summer 2016, Part 2

I came across way too many pics that made me smile from summer — so I’m dumping them all here for future enjoyment. Nearly 100! Wish I had time for individual stories for all of them. Summer is so great!


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Summer 2016

June 6th – -Last day of School — Field trip to the farm


June 9th – 12th – btown for family funeral — never fun, but good to see these guys


June 12th – 15th -Chicago packing up house — we did a mix of moving things ourselves and hiring movers


June 16th- 19th – Idaho for Watkins cousins wedding — the Wozniaks watched the kids, so we had 2.5 days kids-free!


June 20th – 24th – Chicago moving into the new house — zev was my trooper, riding to and from btown nearly all of june. I think we took 4 trips in 3 weeks!


June 24th – 30th Btown to visit nieces and nephews — Mimi was watching Luke and Elise while everyone went on a safari in Africa — so I hung around to help and visit.


July 2nd – July 5 -Michigan with my brother – we rented a little house in south haven over the 4th.  It was so fun to hang with Phil, Maggie and Cole!


July 8th-10th – Em and Sam were in Chicago! Wozniaks visit the new house!


July 11th – August 5th — PURE SUMMER!! After 1.5 months of living out of suitcases — we finally settled into the new house and enjoyed summer.  The kids love the swing set, riding scooters down the driveway, and exploring ‘the woods’.  These first few weeks in the house were my favorite weeks of summer!! (I’ll do a house post soon!!)


Aug 6th – 7th  Celia visits! Dinner in the city with friends!


August 11th – 14th – Mimi and Pop-Pop Visit + Date night in the city to see Book of Mormon


August 19th- 21st   – Wozniak cousin wedding — Kids had a blast the whole weekend!


August 25th  — School Starts!20160825_085434

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