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Amy and I are going to start posting videos of wilek at the below link. You can also get to the videos page by clicking on the tab at the top of the main http://www.woznation.com page. We will be uploading videos periodically with no real schedule so just check back from time to time to see new videos


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Sister Act

Em and Sam came to visit a few weeks ago.  I count them as our first real visitors, since the parents came mainly to help us unpack rather than exploring the city. When Em and Sam were here – we were actually in a place where we could go have some fun!  Im finally getting more comfortable being out of the house with Wil and our place feels like a home.  It was great to have them here to share our new life with them.

Wil meets Aunt Em:

When Wil was first born, within hours of meeting him, I remember mentioning how much he looked like Em.  I guess he looks like a Woz in general, but from time to time I still look at him and think he looks most like Emily.

Anyway, we had a fun relaxing visit.  Phil was only able to take one day off work.  So Em, Sam and I kept ourselves busy during the day.  The first day it rained, so we stayed close to home.  We tried to time a walk in the park around downpours, but planned quite poorly and ended up drenched on the way home.  The next day, we were much more successful.  We walked to fells point and took a water taxi to an Os game :

They were playing the Yankees, so they upped the ticket price, haha.  And the whole crowd was cheering for the yankees.  it was surreal.  It was a HOME game, but the whole place would cheer if an oriole struck out,  it got to be confusing.  But we rooted for the home team – and they won in the bottom of the 10th!  Good times.  Afterwards, we met Phil to go crab smashin’:

The next day, we went to the Baltimore Aquarium:

We sprung for the Dolphin show and 4D movie. The 4D movie was just a crappy 3D movie with ‘enhanced effects’  which turned out to be them squirting water and air into our faces.  not cool. The dolphin show, however, was cool but Wil slept through both.  He woke up occasionally and seemed to stare at a few shiny fish tanks.  Phil and I bought a year-long pass though, so we hope to go back frequently Wil will pick up on.

It was suuuuuch a great visit.  Thanks so much for coming guys!!

And Ill have Sister Act Part II coming in a few weeks when Wendy, Nate and Luke visit!!!

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Yikes.  It really has been a while huh? Well get comfy then!  This is going to be a loooooong slide show.  Wil is 11 weeks old:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok – so that wasnt long at all. I should really take more pictures!

Notable items:

  • He was 12.5 pounds at his 2 month appointment. He’s outgrown all his newborn clothes.  And is now wearing 3 months with the occasional 6 month onesies.
  • Hes smiling all the time now.  Especially in the morning and during diaper changes (probably because he likes the feeling of power associated with forcing us to wipe his butt)
  • He loves to kick things.  Things that move and make noise are super awesome. He also likes to stand a lot.
  • Hes very talkative/noisy.  And maybe, just maybe, starting to laugh a little bit?!?!  Ill try to catch it on camera soon.
  • If we ever need to calm him down – we lay him on the bed to stare at the overhead fan.  He is mesmerized by it!

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Car wrecks

I got a lot of calls/texts/emails regarding the car wrecks, so Id like to clear up that everyone is A-OK.  The Rav-4 (AKA ‘the silver bullet’ or ‘the jerk-4’) was parked on the side of the street and was struck in the middle of the night. It was called into the police multiple times  – so we had officers coming to our door all through-out the night.  That was fun.  We took a few pics in case we needed them for insurance:

Notice the right wheel – where a wheel should be.  Notice the left wheel – where a wheel should NOT be.  So this happened on August 19th.  And we still dont have the car back.  Hoping for today.

Then last Tuesday, Phil was in an accident on the way to pick up his sister at the train station.  Everyone involved was fine. No pictures, sorry. But the Jetta had to be towed away.  They are estimating 3-4 weeks for that.  Luckily we have a rental from when my car was smashed up –  so we are getting by with that.  No worries.  We are all happy and healthy, minus 2 cars.

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We made our first road trip to Columbus OH on Aug 17th.  We werent going for the best reason, but we made the most of it by seeing as many friends and family as possible.

All the Watkins sibs except Nate got to meet Wil:

And Cel and AK! Unfortunately – Wil had his fussiest 2-3 hour stretch of the whole trip right when they were visiting.  Go figure.  Hes normally a pretty happy baby, only crying when he really needs something, but we could not keep that boy happy!!

We were able to snap one ‘almost’ smile:

The Wozniaks also came over to Columbus for a visit and Nick got to meet Wil for the first time!

Phil and I also had our first night out without the baby – Grandma and Grandpa Woz watched Wil and we headed to college buddy’s wedding.  Woooo friends in pretty dresses (minus the bride!):

And Phil got to spend some quality boy time once we got back to the hotel:

Thanks to everyone who traveled near and far to meet Wil.  It was a long, emotional trip but it was great to hang out with so many people.  We hope to make it back to the midwest soon to see everyone again!

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Lion Pictures, Week 11

So we wont do all of them, but ill add some from the beginning so you can see how big he’s getting.

Week 1

Week 5

Week 8

Week 11

I couldnt get him to stretch out his legs, but you can see how big and long his torso is getting. And hes smiling!  So I couldnt pass up posting that pic of him.  He doesnt seem a whole lot different from week 5 to week 8, but I can tell he’s filling out by week 11. I even wrote in ‘new arm roll’ on his baby calendar the other day.  Fat babies are the best.

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Ok – So Phil already did a mini post on how boring hurricane Irene was.  And even though I dont actually have pictures to accompany a post on the earthquake, I wanted to post so I have a record of probably the only earthquake I will ever be a part of.

The weekend prior to the earthquake, our roof was leaking, so I had called our landlord who in turn called the roofers and they came that morning to patch some things up.  Due to all the skylights in the row house – its easy to see and hear anything happening on the roof and the workers made quite a bit of noise all morning but left by noon.  Then all of a sudden, right before 2pm, there was a lot of rumbling noise.  I was a little nervous, but chalked it up to roofers.  But soon the noise turned into movement.  We have a hanging a light in the kitchen and I had a dying vase of flowers right under it.  I looked over and the light was  swinging and pedals were falling off the flowers.  I seriously thought our roof was coming down!!

I channeled my inner Vivica Fox:

Fast forward to about 3 minutes.

I seriously never scooped up this baby so fast.  I ran to the door and was screaming for Barney, convinced I only had moments to get out of this house before the whole place fell down.  I somehow managed to get a leash on the dog and out of the house in like 10 seconds.  And then I saw all my neighbors on the street as well and finally realized it was an earthquake and not a roofing issue.

Yes, all you west coasters can laugh your ass off at my total freak out to a 5.8 earthquake.  But my house was not built with earthquakes in mind.  This home is less than a mile from us:

So, yeah.  Scary stuff.

The hurricane on the other hand – not so scary.  The news had us convinced we might be washed out to the bay, or at least without power for a prolonged period of time, but no dice on either.  I had us stocked with water, canned goods, flashlights and beer for the long haul.  and the lights didnt even flicker.  the basement flooded a little – but we were anticipating that after we found some standing water down there a few weeks ago.  We had already put all important items upstairs – so no damage done.  I was a little bummed!  Beej said we should have flipped the breaker just to live on the edge for a few hours.

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Im baaaaaack

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I havent blogged in a while.  But  in the last month we wrecked both of our cars, had some deaths in the family and survived 2 natural disasters.  On the flip side, we went to a few Os games and had some colorado visitors! And in any down time, we’ve been doing a lot of this:
And this:

And a little of this:

We are finally settling into a bit of a routine around here, so I hope to get back on a normal blogging schedule again.  Thanks for your patience.

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