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I made it

Phew!  I made it!


I joined a relay team for the Baltimore Marathon shortly after Evie was born. I needed something on my calendar to get me out and running again.  A team relay meant I couldnt flake (which i totally would have done if no one else was counting on me).  My friend, Amanda, found 2 other moms in the area looking to create a 4-person team.  I had Leg 3, a 6.7 mile uphill climb!  But I F-ing rocked it – by Amy standards, that is.

I also feel that this marks the end of Evie’s ‘infanthood’.  I feel that we made it through her first few months of being teeny-tiny – and now we just have 2 kids. I think I have said once before – if there is one thing I hate more than being pregnant – its newborns.  Man-oh-man the first few months are rough.  I was so, so, so lucky to have a generous maternity leave.  Combined with an awesome nanny who helped my transition back to work go smoothly. We made it through relatively unscathed. I’m happy to be on the other side now. I’m getting back to my old self – and our family is feeling stable.  As stable as a 4-month old and 2-year old can be!!

Granted, we’ve had to re-adjust expectations over the past few months.  I used to want family time, work time, amy time, husband time, catch-up on sleep time, and some let-loose time in every weekend.  But, alas, I would sit down sunday night feeling deprived of a few of those things.  It cant all be done!  So I’ve tried to prioritize one or 2 of those things each weekend – switching off – so that im not fully depleted in any one area over the course of a month.  Law of averages, baby!  Last week, Phil and I randomly got a babysitter Sunday afternoon so that we could go watch the Colts game together.  This weekend I ran in my race. Tomorrow I hope to go to the B&O railroad museum with the kiddos.  I’m going to be low on work hours this week  – and it will have to be a priority next weekend.  I cant do it all.  But I’m hoping over time, it will all work out.

As I look through all the pictures I chose to include, its hard to think its not working out.  We’re happy, we’re healthy, we’re doing our best:

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Evie is nearly 20 weeks.  Which is too old to be tracking time in weeks.  She is over 4 months now and 17 lbs!!  She’s about 90th percentile for everything, meaning shes proportional, just BIG.  I cant find Wil’s exact stats, but I remember him always being about 50th percentile, which is around 14 lbs (?).

We had her 4-month appointment last week, and my normally very-independent baby was all snuggles:


Seriously – she has never cared for a wrap, carrier, or nap on my chest.  She much prefers to watch things from her back or bouncer.  It was quite a change last Thursday when she insisted on being held and slept on my chest for over 2 hours.  It was bitter sweet. She must have really felt awful, but it was nice to have a snuggly baby again.  Wilek was the biggest snuggler, which never allowed me to get any work done.  But now i look back and think how great it was.

On Friday, she was back to her old, happy self.  Even waking up at 4:00am ready to play!!  With Wil – he would wake up in the middle of the night crying, and I would rush right in to get him – his cries were so sad – he’d always be so upset until you got to him.  But once you fixed the problem, he’d promptly go back to sleep and all was quiet again.  With Evie though, she doesnt really fuss about anything  – she just wakes up talking your ear off, ready to play and hang out with you.  No cuddling, singing, nursing, or bottle really mitigates the problem. Its almost worse than a crying baby.  Because you cant make it stop!!  its 4am child – go back to sleep!  She doesnt seem to get it.

Nonetheless – shes doing great.  The main thing I was worried about was her flat head – I couldnt tell if it was really that flat – or just looked flat due to her mullet. Like I mentioned, she spends a lot of time on her back – since thats how shes happiest! Phil had to talk me down from taking her in for a same day appointment a few times.  But when I brought it up to the doctor, she wasnt concerned at all!  She passed with flying colors.

Here are her most recent bunny pictures:

8 weeks old!

8 weeks old!

13 weeks

13 weeks old!

16 weeks  or 3.5 months

16 weeks or 3.5 months

4 months olds!

4 months old!

Same outfit – a 6-month sleeper – already getting snug!  Time to break out the 9-month clothes!

4.5 months old!

4.5 months old!

19 weeks earlier:

1 week old!

1 week old!

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Pork Chop

Have I mentioned yet that we call Evie “Pork Chop”?  I probably call her ‘pork chop’ more than I call her evie.  Even at her 2 month appointment, the doctor called her ‘juicy’ – so it has also evolved into ‘juicy pork chop’ or ‘jpc’ for short.  Can you blame us:


Shes so great.  She has her 4 month appointment next week.  I’ll give some updated stats then, but I’m guessing she weighs at least 75 lbs. Have I also not mentioned that we call Wilek ‘Wil-wil’?  (Seems like I would have told this story already, but I cant find it.)  The ladies at his old daycare started calling him that and it stuck.  Even when I would drop him off, his friends would call him ‘Wil-wil’ and I was Wil-wil’s mommy.  Go figure.  The nicknames I did not consider….

Anywho – Life is so freaking great around here.  I think most of my blog posts tend to have a happy tone about them because the only time I have to blog is when Im not stressed/busy with other things.   I actually have a free hour to upload pictures and talk about my children on the internet!  LIFE IS GRAND! Granted, I also use the time to catalog the stressful times and talk about crazy basement floodings, but still – its all with a rose-colored lens.

Speaking of lenses, my photos are always so dark in this house.  Row-houses only have windows at the the front and back of the house,  and our recess lighting is too harsh in the mornings/evenings, so many of my pictures turn out like this:


But thats okay.  You can still see the cuteness:



I’ve finally been able to get some work done in the evenings and try to enjoy my tuesdays and thursdays ‘off’ when the kiddos. This past Thursday we went and fed the ducks:





Mid Fall

Wil would bait them with all the bread – and then chase them away. A non-stop party, until the bread ran out.  We also have fun running around the tennis courts:



We’ve really lucked out with some killer weather recently.  We are outside any chance we get – even if its just bubbles on the porch with the neighbor kids.  Evie  is starting to sit up for extended periods in the boppy or bumbo.  The bouncy chair barley bounces anymore due to her being such a big baby.  We’ll probably retire it soon. Its hard to catch a smile, but I swear, shes a very happy baby!!




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Head Above Water

We’re coming out of a very hectic September.  We’ve been working very hard at getting into and staying in a routine around here.  I’m still getting use to the nanny/work arrangement, things like: getting all the bottles ready for her, getting my pumping supplies ready for work, getting dinner made a day in advance on work days, doing all laundry and errands on non-work days, etc.  We still have not mastered it, but are slowly getting more efficient. It can only get easier (right?).

It didnt help that in the middle of September our basement flooded.  So for 2 weeks we had a constant parade of workers in the house figuring out and fixing the problem.  Which ended up being our neighbors water heater leaking into our basement through a hole for over 24 hours, resulting in a few inches of water and completely ruining the finished guest-room carpet.  Phil went down to the basement to grab some paper towels on Friday evening and stepped on the carpet and it was saturated.  He went further into the basement and found much more water!  Luckily, most of our things were either up on shelves or stored in plastic containers (you know, just in case our basement every flooded).   We spent hours that night pumping water and surveying the damage.  Some old books were ruined, but we didnt really lose anything critical.  (Side note: thankfully we discovered the issue after happy hour with some friends. A few beers made this problem not quite as bad as it might have been otherwise!) Anyway – its really not a sob story, just a pain in the ass.  I only wrote it all out so that Phil and I can look back in 50 years and say…remember that time our basement flooded?



almost pumped out


I’m happy to report everything is now fixed and the guest-room is back to normal.  Just in time for Phil and Maggie to visit in a few weeks!  WOohoo.  I’m counting on October to be fun and smooth-sailing!

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Back in the office

September 2nd marked the first day of the quarter and my first day back to work.  The timing was great in that I was back in the office to help teach again (which I really love).  And I had 2 weeks to catch-up on research projects at home.  So when I actually sat down at my desk, I felt that I could hit the ground running.

One big change that we made was taking Wil out of daycare and hiring a nanny to come 3 days a week.  We were so fortunate to find an awesome nanny who was looking for part-time work on M/W/F to work around her T/Thurs class schedule.  After we met her, I talked to my advisors and worked my schedule around the nanny’s hours and then would catch-up on extra work at night and on weekends.  Its been an adjustment, but everything seems to be working out great.  Our nanny is Liz, who is cool, calm and collected….many of the things I am not, haha.  She’s a perfect balance for the kids.  She loves to take them out and even has a network of other nannies who she gets together with so all the kids can play.  Wil has already met a new friend, Addy, who is 2.  And when I was at the zoo a few weeks ago, Addy and her nanny spotted us and introduced themselves!  Baltimore is such a small world.

Its nice to be back at work. I really love what I do and am lucky that I still have 2 days a week (well 4 if you count the weekends) with the munchkins. I’m still getting the hang of balancing everything, but we’re starting to figure it out!  Thanks to Wil and Evie for being super awesome during my transition back to work.  You’re such happy kids and having been taking things in stride. Here are some recent pics —

Evie has been growing like a weed:

First time in the tub!

First time in the tub!

Cheeks keep getting bigger:


Barney is still not impressed:


Barney love

Barney love

passed out

passed out

We try to stay busy on the weekends – always finding time for the park or the zoo:

at the park with daddy

at the park with daddy



that hair.

that hair.


zoo train

zoo train


And one more bonus picture from Indiana that I forgot to include.  Bels came down to meet Evie and chat about her recent engagement 🙂 🙂 🙂 Soooo wonderful:

Forgot to include this in the Indiana post!  Celia came down to meet Evie!

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