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I havent had a story-time in a while — here are a few things in my mind that stick out from the last few months:

–Zev head butts everything.  If you are holding him and looking at him — he will throw his forehead into you.  I think it might be a form of cuddling or getting a kiss — but watch out because he will knock your teeth out! He also does it if you are watching him perform some sort of task — like climbing a stair — where he just head butts the step.  Good times.

–Evie spells her name: “E” “Up down” “I” “loopty-loop”

–One afternoon when I was picking the kids up from school — my battery randomly died and I was stranded in the firelane with 3 hungry kids.  I immediately went into an F-bomb tirade.  Of course after things calmed down a bit, Wil repeated the word.  I asked him what it meant and he said ‘something bad happened’ (not too far off!).  So then I had to talk about how its not a nice word and I shouldnt have used it and Wil is NEVER allowed to use it.  And since I said a bad word – I would have to throw away a piece of my candy (This was right after Halloween, so candy was a big motivator at the time).  A few weeks later I was at the grocery with Evie and I couldnt find the ‘stupid cheese’ and Evie goes – “Dont say that word mommy – throw away a piece of your candy!”

–We have a big costume box in the basement and one afternoon Wil combined the dinosaur costume and the batman costume to make ‘batman dinosaur’. He proclaimed it was the best costume ever and thats what he wanted to be for halloween.  Evie then followed suit and made ‘butterfly witch’.  I asked them a million times if they wanted to go to the store and pick out something brand new — but they were dead-set on their super-awesome costumes and LOVED telling everyone what they were for when trick or treating.   If they’re happy – I’m happy!

–Wil is done with OT!  He had his last session in early November.  As much as we miss Heidi, its a nice milestone.  We still work on self-regulating our emotions and channeling our energy in appropriate ways — but we have so many more coping strategies after 6-months of OT.  We are so glad it was recommended to us.

–Oh gosh — after many many months of talking about ‘the crazy guy with the orange hair’ vs ‘the nice lady’ — I quickly had to change my phrase to ‘the guy with the crazy orange hair’.  Yikes.

–We live off of a road with a very strict 25 mph speed limit and cops are always sitting on the way to school.  I often find myself going too fast and say out loud that ‘i need to slow down or the police officers are going to get mad’.  Evie’s response one morning was ‘Or you could just go fast, and not tell the police officers?’  hahaha — (What is this girl doing behind my back!!?)

–Now that Zev is one, he is like a totally new person in my eyes.  Maybe its my own mental shift or a recent growth spurt — but hes so with it. He understands everything.  He points at things he wants, I swear he nods when I ask him questions, He will sit and ‘read’ books by himself.  My baby is gone — but I’m loving this toddler Zev phase, too. (Hes not actually toddling quite yet — but he’ll take a few steps here and there — I’m guessing by Christmas.  Then lord help me, because I can barely keep tabs on him now! Ah!).

–Wil knows that the year is 2016 — (which he learned at school to be “two-thousand-and-sixteen”.  Isnt it supposed to be “twenty-sixteen”? Anyway…) — He also knows that this is a really big number.  The biggest number he knows, in fact.  So when he thinks something is a lot of money – he says i wonder if its 2016 dollars?! Or if I say we have 5 more minutes – he says how about 2016 minutes? Or if he wants more crackers — can I have 2016 crackers? It was cute for a few weeks.

–Wil and Evie call the American flag the ‘captain America flag’.

–Evie is OBSESSED with UPS trucks.  She literally freaks out when we see one driving.  One time we saw a double-semi UPS truck on the way to bloomington.  Oh. My. Gosh. was it exciting.

–When I give Wil a snack cup of fishy crackers — sometimes its too full for one sitting so I’ll say ‘dont eat all of them’.  So he leaves exactly one. Smart kid.

–Wil is working on rhyming word at school and Evie is trying to catch on.  But she seems to think ‘rhyming’ is when two words are kind of related.  For example, she saw an IU Hoosiers ornament on the tree and exclaimed “‘IU’ and ‘Hoosiers’ RHYME!”  She is so proud of herself every time she finds ‘rhyming words’ — its hard to correct her when its so cute!

Here is the Fall photo dump:

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Fall 2016

We had a fabulous and busy fall 2016 — We were in btown for a wedding mid September, then Phil had back-to-back trips at the end of Sept/ beginning of October, then we headed back to indiana for back-to-back weekends — Things finally calmed down at the end of october and we made the most of the gorgeous (and warm!) fall in Long Grove.


We enjoyed lots of bonfires with friends:


Flew kites on windy days:


Had multiple date nights celebrating so many people we love:


Made our own scarecrow:


Got to see all the Watkins in one place (of course zev is the only one not pictured)


Had fun at the pumpkin patch:




And played in lots (and lots and lots and lots) of leaves!


The warm weather has finally gone and day light savings had ended (the sun goes down at 4:30 around these parts).  We’re bundling up and hunkering down until spring!


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