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Spring 2017

Thank goodness for spring. Having more light was a huge help– maybe I just needed the extra push to do more fun things, but as soon as we had longer days and it started to warm up — we were out and about and things were sooo much better.  We kept so busy! And didnt have any huge trips so it was great to stick close to home and enjoy life after such a long winter.  Here is a sprinkling of what we did:


Beer Run with my friend Anne and Regina Spektor concert with Phil —





Spring Break!!  We took a few days up in Wisconsin at an indoor waterpark,  It was our first multi-day trip as just a family of 5.  The kids loooooved staying at a hotel (even though the first night everyone refused to go to sleep and I ended up at the foot of the king-sized bed with Wil and Evie… and Zev was in a pack-n-play next to my head….)  There was ice cream and arcade games and swimming…. and Phil and I were exhausted.  But hearing them talk about it when we got back made it all worth it. That is the most important thing I learned this spring — “In the moment” kind of sucks right now.  But sitting on the couch and “talking about things we just did” is so awesome and rewarding. (Bonus if there are pictures to look at too).






Easter!! We do egg hunts allllllll week long in this house!




Wil had his first ‘Belt Test’ at Tae Kwon Do.  He went from white belt to yellow-striped belt.  Next up: full yellow belt!  Also — Baby Leah was born!  I squeezed in a quick visit with Zev one weekend to meet her and see their new house.




When we got back from Spring break we noticed a giant sink hole in the back yard.  We started to poke around and realized it kind of smelled…ultimately we discovered we needed to replace our entire septic system.  so yeah.  That was a fun few weeks.  The actual day of replacing the septic system WAS kind of fun — lots of big machines and diggers.  Kids loved it.


Next up was Phil traveling for a week. Oy. But we survived.


Then I hightailed it to Indy to see friends! and even headed down to Btown for an extra night away. Phils parents helped him with the kids and his extended family came for the weekend in Long Grove.


Next up was Memorial Day and Evies Birthday! More on that some other time.


Then finally — Schools Out!  We had a fun week of class picnics and graduations and celebrated with ice cream on the last day!





It was such a great spring.  I loved staying close to home and doing fun things as a family and small weekend trips.  We really appreciate the grandparents making trips to come see us — savings us long trips in the car down to bloomington.  On ‘off’ weekends, we kept busy going to the Zoo, hanging out at friends houses, weekly trips to the library,  and a family trip on the metra to get fro-yo.  Lots of left-over pics:




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