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Twenty Nine

This might have been my best birthday ever.  I just have a whole new appreciation for birthdays since having Wil.  Birth is just an amazing amazing event, with so many things having to go perfect for the end result. It kind of baffles me that it happens so often – yet Im surrounded with beautiful, happy, healthy people in my life. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Im so very very lucky.


Yesterday was filled with a whole lot of cuddling, chatting with friends and family, and watching ‘The Help’  (which did not help my emotional state!) I think Phil was glad he was at work for my ‘love of life’ swell yesterday, haha – there was, perhaps, too much love happening around these parts for him. But a day of appreciation was exactly what I needed.  Especially as I start applying for jobs in the area. Ive had a few interviews and am close to making a decision. Im excited to get back to work but of course will miss time with my little buddy.  Here are some pics taken in the last few weeks:

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Thanks again to everyone for a great birthday! Miss you all!



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New Wilek Vids

Everyone head over to the wilek vids page (tab at the top of the page) for another dose of Wil being Wil.



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Lion Photos, Month 7

This is actually the first lion picture I took since the last lion post. But hes starting to slow down in his growth and the pictures are all starting to look the same anyway.  Infant growth is logarithmic, so hes past his time of fastest growth.  One thing the pictures dont seem to capture is his girth.  Hes quite formidable now.  Hes nearly 20 lbs and hes learn to throw things.  And hit things.  Im pretty sure Im going to have the next black eye in this household.

Lets see how far we’ve come:

4 weeks

4.5 months

my last lion picture, Dec 1st

Annnnnd, BOOM:

Jan 23rd, almost 7 months

Barney bombed.  I think the thing that grew the most was his hair.  I need to start styling it.  Maybe get some hair gel?  After all, he was born in Jersey.

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