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Fall 2018

I’m writing this in January — so its hard to remember Fall — I’m relying on pictures and my calendar to fill in the details.

Evie adjusted to the bus and new school like a champ and already made a bazillion friends.  We joke that she is a bit challenging at home, but whenever we get reports from school it sounds like shes an angel.  (Wish we could get some of that angel dust at home!!)


On the contrary — Wil is always the silly one at school and has to have constant reminders that he’s there to learn  — but super helpful at home, especially playing nicely with Zev.



October was ROUGH. Phil traveled 3 times + everyone was sick at some point.  Barney was actually the worst, making for some very long, messy days. But we finished off the month with Zev’s birthday (with Busia and Dziadzia!) and Halloween.


This fall’s extracurriculars were cub scouts and golf for Wil.  But then Wil was the youngest in his golf class and he was a bit nervous of all the big kids, so he switched to a baseball clinic with 1st and 2nd graders that was a better fit.  Evie is rocking gymnastics.  And then both big kids had swim. Still nothing outside of school for Zev — but maybe we’ll start something for him this summer.  We are not allowed to take pictures at swim or gymnastics.  So this is the best we have:



Zev was a little nervous about school the first few weeks, but eventually drop-offs were all smiles and he would look forward to going!  He (and I) even made a new friend who we meet up with on non-school days.  Yay for playdates (and adult interaction!).

As for the adults  — we made it out of the house a few times! First, Phil made it over to Cleveland for a family friend’s wedding.  And September was a Cubs game downtown with friends (Mimi and PopPop came up to help watch the kids! Thanks guys!).  In October we went to the Chicago Comedy Company to see Alonzo Bodden (no pic! darn.). And in October I ran my long grove 6-miler.


There were lots of other fall activities:  hay rides, apple picking, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, corn mazes, leaf piles, scarecrows, spiderwebs, and the ever-popular ‘corn box’!


Here are all the left-over pics from Fall:

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