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Oct 2011

Im so behind on life.  In October and November, we had visitors or were travelling every other weekend.  So Im finally catching up on bills, emails, and blogging.  But – I am done with christmas shopping.  So whos behind now, bitches?!?!?!?  just kidding.

Since yall checked in October – we had the harrisons visit and halloween.  Here are some highlights.

It was a short visit, but so great to see my sister, nate, and luke.  my nephew is about the most adorable thing ever.  If Wil grows up to be half as cute and smart as he is, I will be a lucky lady.  Luke has an awesome vocabulary – 2 words he has down pat are ‘block’ and ‘hat’.  So Phil made a block hat.  It was a hit.

We spent an afternoon in the park, checking out all the playgrounds, ducks, and ‘leaf’s.  Luke made sure to point out all the leaves.  It was mid-October.  There were a lot. ‘Leaf.’ ‘Leaf.’ ‘Another Leaf.’ The ducks were the biggest hit though.  A nice family gave us a few pieces of bread – that made all the ducks flock to us.  It was quite a sight.  Luke (and I think even Wil) loved it.  Except we’d give Luke a piece of bread to feed to the ducks, and hed just eat it himself, haha.

We also checked out the Baltimore Aquarium – Wil slept through the whole thing, literally.  But Luke seemed to enjoy it.  Especially the diver in the tank who was there merely to wave at kids.  Soooo cute.  The Dolphin Show was also very exciting.  But we didnt get any pictures of the actual dolphins.  Just sisters 🙂

Halloween was super fun this year. Except for Wil’s 4 month shots.  You cant see the bandaids in the picture, but he was a champ.  And hes starting to sit-up with the help of the boppy!

Its the first time we’ve been in a house with trick or treaters, so we thought it would be fun to dress Wil up and show him off to the neighbors who came by.  Obviously – in this house – super heroes are a big draw, so Wil went as Spiderman.  I loved his little costume.  And made a pumpkin about 10 mins before that photo below was taken.  hense, lack of imagination.  But it got done.

We also ran out of candy within like a hour.  I got a 50-peices bag of candy and it was gone by like the 3rd group of kids.  The greedy assholes took like 3 pieces each.  So for the next few groups I had to be that mean old lady yelling ‘ONLY ONE EACH!!!’.  Then when we where nearly out,  I had to put some candy corn into plastic bags to at least have SOMETHING to offer them.  I seriously thought we were going to have to resort to quarters.  (Or worse…Toothbrushes.)  But luckily things died down.

It was a fun, successful night.  October was also lots of fun because it was really crazy to look back on what life was like a year ago. Last year, I found out I was pregnant the day before I was going to Notre Dame to visit Andrew for Halloween weekend.  I definitely wasnt ready to tell anyone yet.  So I made up a lame excuse about some medication I was taking that I couldnt drink with.  And Phil and I dressed up and tailgated and tried to act as normal as possible with this huge news – that hadnt even sunk in yet.  And now, a year later.  Im passing out candy in baltimore with a mini-spiderman.  i love it.

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