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17 weeks gestation

Here’s what Im working with these days:


Still rockin’ my bella band! ¬†Pardon the messy kitchen ūüôā

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White Chicken Chili

Im finally going to post a recipe! ¬†I think Ive said previously – Im hoping to use this blog as a way to catalog recipes that I make often. ¬†Ive never really kept track of measurements or cooking time, which has lead to a considerable amount of variance between batches (‘considerable amount of variance’? ¬†Yeah, I use these phrases in every day life.) ¬†So Im finally going to start writing these things down so that I can have some uniformity in my recipes. ¬†And, once the baby arrives, phil can refer to the blog and make all our¬†favorite¬†meals when I have my hands full!! Win. Win.

So without further ado, White Chicken Chili.  I actually make this more soup-like since I use this for lunches throughout the week, but really the only difference between soup and chili is the amount of stock you put in.  Here is the list of characters:

Except the picture above is missing chicken, garlic and sour cream (this is my first recipe post, its not going to be perfect). ¬†You’ll also need these:

First, heat up a bit of olive oil in a big soup pot.  Then chop half a large onion ( ~1 cup), 1 large pepper or 2 smaller peppers of any color (~1.25 cups, I only had green but yellow and orange peppers are great in this, too), a few baby bella mushrooms (~.25 cup), and 2 large cloves of garlic (~3 tablespoons) Рand throw them all into the pot.

I just chop and toss them in as I go.  The picture above was taken right before adding the mushrooms.  Next, I add my spices.  I always salt and pepper as I go along, but in addition to that I add 2 teaspoons of cumin, 1 teaspoon of oregano, and a few shakes (start with 1/8 of a teaspoon) of ground red pepper/cayenne pepper.  Side note Рif you are using store bought stock, be careful on the amount of salt you add at this step Рbecause the store bought stock will add a lot on its own.

MMmmmm. Its starting to smell good. I promise. ¬†Now you’re going to add your beans and fire roasted chilies. ¬†For the 2 4 oz cans of fire roasted chilies, open and drain them. ¬†Then toss them right in.

Then drain AND rinse the can of beans. ¬†They are packed in a salty, kind of funky (in a bad way) liquid. ¬†So rinse ’em good. Then toss them right in.

Now we’re ready to add the stock. ¬†Like I said earlier, if you’re making chili – you’ll probably only want around 5 cups of stock. ¬†But since I make this more soup like, I use 9-10 cups.

Now I bring it up to a boil, then cover it and knock it down to a simmer for like 20 mins to finish cooking the veggies and mesh all the flavors. ¬†This would be an excellent time to give your wife a foot rub. ¬†You know, while you wait for the flavors to mesh. ¬†After 20 mins you can turn off the heat and add the cooked chicken (~1.5 cups), corn (~.5 cups), and sour cream (~.25 cups). ¬†The sour cream helps ‘whiten’ the chicken chili, you could also use cream or half & half to achieve this.

You’re done! ¬†I’d taste it one more time to make sure it has enough salt/pepper/cayenne to your liking, but other than that it should be pretty darn delicious.

Here is any easy copy/paste version of the recipe:


1 cup onion

1.25 – 1.5 cup sweet peppers (green, yellow, orange work best for the ‘white’ part of this chili)

.25 cups of mushrooms

3 tablespoons minced garlic

1 can white beans (cannelini, navy, anything you want)

2 cans fire roasted chilies (4 oz each)

5 cups of chicken stock (or 10 cups for more soup like)

1.5 cups cooked chicken

.5 cups frozen corn

.25 cups sour cream

2 teaspoons cumin

1 teaspoon of oregano

1/8 teaspoon cayenne

salt and pepper to taste

(wow that ingredients list seems kind long when you write it all out, huh?) ¬†Anyway…

Sautee onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms, and garlic until soft and fragrant. ¬†Add spices to taste (careful on that salt if you’re using store bought stock!). ¬†Drain fire roasted chilies, add to pot. ¬†Drain and rinse beans, add to pot. ¬†Add 5 cups of stock for chili-like meal, or 10 cups stock for soup-like meal. ¬†Bring to boil, cover, then lower to simmer for 20 mins. ¬†Take off heat and add cooked chicken and frozen corn. ¬†Stir in sour cream. Done!

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Ive been hesitant to show pictures of my ‘bump’, because im not really sure when it qualifies as a bump vs. me looking like a fatty. ¬†Can you carry a baby in your love handles? Im pretty sure thats what I did for the first 15 weeks. ¬†Im around 16 weeks now and think maybe i look more pregnant than fat?



Phil captured this beauty after we got back from the grocery store. ¬†That is a non-alcoholic beer. ¬†He thinks its funny to send pictures like this to his friends claiming im drunk. ¬†Anyway – not the most flattering picture to post on the internet – but I’m 99% sure all people care about is how big my belly is. ¬†There it is.


I also *think* I’m starting to feel the baby move? ¬†Maybe? ¬†I’ve been told its hard to distinguish between baby movement and gas in these early weeks, and there have definitely been a few false alarms. ¬†But, again, I *think* Im starting to be able to tell a difference. ¬†Itll probably be a few more weeks until Im really feeling kicks, and few more weeks after that until phil is able to feel anything from the outside.


Ill start posting pictures more often now.  Next time, I might even put on some make-up.


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We’re Totally Prepared

Phil’s job will relocate us to Maryland ‘sometime between March and September’. ¬†Seriously. ¬†Thats what they told him. ¬†Soooo, we are a little hesitant to start painting the nursery, to say the least. ¬†We arent worried though. ¬†I mean – look at all the stuff we have:


This adorable item is currently the most terrifying thing that I own.  This is a newborn outfit, meaning something that size will be living inside of me in 6 short months.  (O_o)  But look at those little chick-a-dee footies!!!!  Itll be totally worth it (right?).


This was from my bestie, ¬†Celia. ¬†Im glad to have some black and gold in the mix, figuring I will get a lot of cream and crimson over the years. ¬†Cel – you’ll have to teach the baby the fight song though, I only know ‘Indiana, Our Indiana’.


I had to run into the other room and look at what this thing was called.  Its a Boppy.  My sister says its essential and the babies on the package look very happy with it.  We also have a packet of swaddling blankets.  Those are the only things phil and I have actually purchased, and more because we felt like we should buy something for the baby since other people were buying things and we hadnt yet.  Now that I look online, there seems to be much better swaddling blankets out there.


So yeah. ¬†Boppy. Blankets. and 2 onsies. ¬†We’re totally prepared. ¬†In case this wont do, ¬†we are starting to look at reviews for other items online. ¬†Its sooooo overwhelming though! ¬†Our plan is to focus on one item a weekend and go from there. ¬†This weekend is ‘strollers/car seat’. ¬†Woooo.

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Lion’s Breath

Im feeling guilty because I havent posted, but there seriously isnt anything to report.  Im not holding out on anyone, I promise.  I WISH I could post that Im feeling the baby and I have a big ol bump, but I just dont!  Im trying to enjoy this time before I turn huge, but Im also excited to start feeling and looking pregnant.  Ill let yall know when that happens.


In the mean time, the only pregnancy-related activity ive done is take a prenatal yoga class. ¬†There is a yoga studio in the building next to us, so it was super¬†convenient but a little hokey. ¬†There were only 3 of us in the class – the other 2 girls were much further along and we spent a lot of time ‘breathing to our baby’. ¬†Im not very familiar with yoga, so when we started doing ‘Lion’s Breath’, lets just say I was caught a little off guard and had to stop myself from LOLing all over the place. ¬†Heres a little tutorial: ¬†http://www.examiner.com/yoga-in-dallas/pranayama-lion-s-breath . And yes, we looked like the guys in that picture. ¬†Once we got past that, I actually learned a lot of good poses and it was fun to be around other pregnant women. So ill probably head back next week!


Im still not in pregnancy clothes yet, but I have started using the bella band my mom/sister got me for christmas.  From ingrid and isabel:


This allows me to unbutton my pants and not have them fall down.  (And are slightly more stylish than suspenders.)  Andrew said he could use one of these for bowl week.  I wholeheartedly agree РI wish I would have owned one of these things before I got pregnant. My work pants have morphed into yoga pants.  Its awesome.  Thanks Mom/Wendy!

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