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Story Time 2

More random stories of our life with a little one.

(1) We thought we were genius parents and taught Wilek to throw away his diaper in the trashcan when we were done changing him.  It was awesome at first. We clapped for him every time and he was so proud of himself.  But now he enjoys throwing EVERYTHING away.  He throws away his sippy cups when he is done.  He throws away Phils phone when its on the ground.  His toys, Barney’s toys.  You name it.  So as great as the first few times were,  its not as great sifting through the trash every night making sure Wil didnt throw away something important.  We have slowly stopped asking him to throw away his diaper and are hoping he’ll take up other chores around the house.

(2) On a particularly rainy day, we had spent all day inside and were running out of ways to keep Wil happy.  After looking out the window from the couch, we somehow introduced Wilek to the ‘trust fall’.  He would stand on one side of the couch and then fall backwards blindly into one of us and we’d catch him.  He loved this!  We must have done it a million times and he never got sick of it.  Until finally we got sick of it.  So we moved onto something else but when Phil and I werent looking, Wilek climbed back onto the couch and decided to keep doing trust falls, without really understanding that either Phil or I had to be there to catch him.  As you can imagine, this resulted in him trust falling into no one and rolling off the couch.  He was very confused as to why he was suddenly on the floor.  Over the next week I would still see him crawling up the couch getting ready to trust fall without anyone – but actually, hes learning to stay relatively straight on the couch now, so he basically just falls into the pillows and doesn’t roll off the couch (very often).

Wil’s new favorite thing to do is to play behind the couch in the window well.  He loves to watch people walking by and loves the blinds going up and down.  He also got a new big-boy table and chairs for crafts and snack time. He is getting really into books and pointing things out.  He still working on words consistently, but likes to find things you say.  He recently got over a stomach bug, that kept us all home for a few days.  But at least is got out of his system before our trip back to Bloomington for the holidays!

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