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Easter 2013

Wil really got into Easter this year!  Last week, we attended the Easter Egg Hunt at Patterson Park.  Last year, it rained and they moved it indoors to a very small school.  And, Im sorry to say, it was miserable.  I forget if I have a post on it or not.  This year – outdoors – it was wonderful!!!  And pure chaos! In a good way.  They had all the parents with the kids (Wils age group 0-3) stand around the outside of then pen, with all the eggs in the middle.  Then they counted down from 10 and had everyone just run in and have at it!  Phil was smart and grabbed a handful of the eggs for his sweatshirt, so when Wil dropped his or older kids took them, Phil would just toss one or two out right in front of Wil for him to ‘find’ and put in his basket.  Genius.

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Then for Easter, we dyed eggs and had an Easter basket.  We tried to get him to have some Eater ham, but Wil is still a strict vegetarian.

Both sets of grandparents had sent some fun presents for him.  He had a great time opening and playing with his new goodies.  Yaaay for fun family-filled holidays.  Happy Easter everyone!

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I attended a statistical conference in Orlando during the week of spring break.  Luckily, that meant Mark and Char could come help watch Wil while I was away.  Since Phil commutes so long each day, he would have to work very short days in order to drop-off and pick-up Wil at daycare;  with Mark and Char here, Phil could work his normal hours and they got some one-on-one time with the only grand-baby!

Everyone had a great time.  Wil has learned to ham-it-up in front of the camera, giving his best ‘CHEESE’ whenever Busia and Dziadzia had their phones out.  He loved playing with Dziadzia’s hat and Busia’s necklaces.  He learned to say ‘IU’ just in time for the Big Ten Tournament.  Mark and Char brought some new Lego blocks for Wil, too!! Wilek loves stacking them together and saying ‘TA-DA’. Everyone had lots of fun at the park, a trip to DC, the library, and fun with new toys at home.  Thanks for coming Busia and Dziadzia! Wil had a great time!

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