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Zev most commonly goes by ‘Baby Zevin’ by his big brother and sister.  When they want his attention its ‘Baby Zeeeeeevin’.  Never just ‘Zevin’.  When they introduce him to strangers at the super market its ‘Baby Zevin’, like its all one word.  I usually go with Zev or Zev-man, though occasional by text, its Z or ZP. Whatever you want to call him – hes doing great.

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Here are some updates:

  • Easily rolls from back to tummy – but tends to get stuck on his tummy and cant get to his back. Which is backwards from what is normal – but is inline with what i remember with all my other kids. This was extremely problematic at nighttime, but hes finally getting the hang of flipping back over.
  • Started solids – He loves them and is taking everything like a champ – but I dont have time to sit down and do solids on top of bottles!  So we’re seriously lacking in this – hope to catch back up soon.
  • Working on the pincher grasp.  Hes able to pick things up and get things in his fist, and then cant get them back out.  So I put little puffs on his plate and he just ends up with fistfulls of puffs and nothing in his mouth.
  • Teeth count: 2 bottoms! O and P (I think?), for the dental folks.  Possibly working on top two, too.
  • Sits up for 30-seconds at a time – then face plants into whatever is in front of him
  • Starting to ‘crawl’ – but doesnt really use his hands or arms yet – so he just uses his ginormous forehead to prop himself up then scoots himself across the floor.  He does not stay put – he can easily get to within 5 feet of whatever is around him, so we have to watch his surroundings!
  • After hes done with a bottle and I take it away – he just sucks on his upper lip. I wish I had a picture of this.  Its so funny.
  • Zev is by far our LOUDEST baby.  Most people dont realize this because when theres a lot of people around, he tends to be quiet and watch everything.  But when we’re just sitting around the house – he screeches! Especially at nighttime, after I put the big kids to bed, Zev loves to make the loudest high-pitched noises possible.


At his 6-month appointment he was 20 lbs 4 oz (89%).  Here are some monthly doggy pictures:

1 week:



8 weeks:



5 months:


6 months:


7 months – Thighs for days:


Here he is in the same outfit against the Lion like Wil and Eves at 7-months:



Oh my gosh Evie, I cant stop laughing–


Sweet Wil —


Next milestone for Zev might have to be a haircut!  I cant tame the cowlick at the top of his forehead!



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Spring 2016

I think its safe to say that 2016 wont be the most documented year of our lives, but I’m trying to jot down a few memories here and there so the thing isnt a total blur.    Here is my photo dump of spring 2016.  Highlights were —

Easter at home:






Bloomington for Busia’s 60th birthday with Emmy:





Phil gone for a 2-week work trip to California. This is Wil’s lego tower that he called his ‘new daddy’ after about 10 days.  Luckily my parents and Busia were able to come up and help out:


Buying a House and starting renovations!! Phil wasnt even there for the closing because he had to be in California – so it was kind of chaotic, but we got it done! Stock photo is the best shot we have right now:




We are so pumped about the house — I think its going to be really great. Good location, good schools, lots of room to grow.  Now we’re busy picking out furniture, making renovation decisions, finding new schools, etc.  Its nice that we have a bit of overlap between our current rental and moving into the new place.  We are finishing up the school year in our current location – then will move in to the new house mid-June once the renovations are complete.


Rest of the pictures/highlights include: a nice mothers day at home after phil got back from his trip, a job offer for me in the area (but we couldnt settle on start date, so we are going to check back in a few months and see if it still works out), a trip to the indoor pool during spring break, I took Wil on a school field trip to a play, we went to a friends Firehouse birthday party, Wil started his occupational therapy with ‘Ms. Heidi’ who he LOVES and shes able to give us lots of tips to help Wil, they started re-paving our road which is lots of construction excitement for the kids, we had a few springtime scavenger hunts —  Other than that – its starting to warm up – so we’re just spending as much time outside as possible!!! We’re hitting up lots of festivals  – Wil’s new favorite thing is face-painting. Evie loves riding bikes and doing her scooter to the little library house around the corner, and Zev likes to watch it all from his bouncer.


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