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Im starting to get sick of this whole ‘weeks’ thing.  So we will switch over to months – Wil is about 3.5 months now.  The first 3 months of life are sometimes referred to as the 4th trimester (Which mathematically makes no sense. The 4th quadmester maybe?).  Basically Wil is still adjusting to being outside the womb and has no idea what the f*ck is going on until about this time.  We’ve spent a lot of time soothing, swaddling, and singing in the last few months and I think Wil has finally decided that the real word ain’t so bad.  He cries less and less and is smiling more and more.  Id go as far to say hes a honest-to-goodness ‘BABY’.

Exhibit A:

Blurry, but happy, baby.  Hes laughing too – we have a few videos of it that Ill get Phil to post soon.  The last few weeks have been pretty uneventful.  I go to a baby play group once a week now and we are still taking lots of walks.  We STILL dont have the Jetta back, so I stay pretty close to home most days and then we run errands at night or on weekends.  Im very excited to get a car back, then I can run errands during the day and spend more quality time at home.  Hopefully we’ll get it next week.  Its been 68 days since we were a two car family. Sheesh.

Anyway, like I said, pretty uneventful.  Wil loves to sit out on the stoop and watch the leaves blow and cars drive by.

Barney enjoys it too.  He also watches the car go by from the couch inside, but the other day he fell behind the couch into the window well and couldnt get out. I thought it was pretty hilarious.

We go to the farmers market on sunday mornings.  Its under the overpass in downtown baltimore.

We went to a street fair where we needed an emergency clothing change.  This is what was in the diaper bag:

Yellow short-sleeved onesie. Blue jacket and dinosaur socks. We bought the leggings at the fair because it was cold.  We looked for a hat but couldnt find one.  Parents of the year over here.  We also snapped this gem – this one is for you, mom:

We’ve gone hiking a few times:

Other than that, Its been some of this:

And a little of that:

Life is good, my friends!

22 pictures in this post people!! Im getting better!  I feel like you can even see it in the progression of photos – Wil is no newborn anymore! Hes so alert and interactive now.  He loves to study faces and make noises.  He is starting to grab things and then put them directly in his mouth. Hes rolling over more frequently and loves it when I sing songs to him.

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Baltimore Apartment

Finally!  Pictures of the apartment:

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Im doing it.

Im finally starting to feel comfortable with this whole newborn/parenting thing.  Thats not to say I have anything figured out.  Not by a long shot.  Im just comfortable with the complete chaos, unpredictability, helplessness, and craziness that comes with it all.  Im comfortable with the knowledge that Wil will scream bloody murder in the middle of the grocery store for no reason sometimes. Its going to happen. I cant prepare for or prevent everything.  And therefore, Ive finally learned to continue living in spite of the chaos.  And in these times of chaos and living, my motto is ‘Im doing it.’  Im managing to still live my life with a newborn and Im really starting to enjoy it. Whether Im managing to breastfeed in a dingy bathroom stall, catch up with friends with a newborn sleeping on my chest, change diapers in the back of a car, or chop vegetables for dinner with one arm while holding Wil in the other – Im doing it.

One of the things I still hadnt conquered was taking Wil and Barney out to the park by myself.  I had no idea how to handle the logistics of it all.  How would I get the stroller down the front stairs by myself? Would Barney wait inside while I got Wil situated?  Then would Wil sit outside while I went and got Barney?  I was terrified of the whole debacle. Plus, Barney isnt exactly the calmest dog – so taking care of him and the stroller was an additional stress. I knew I had the rip off the band aid and just do it.

Im happy to say, I have finally mastered the art of getting out of the house and walking with Wil and Barney simultaneously.  It was a huge ‘Im doing it’ moment.  Its a challenging endeavor – I have to stop and take breaks to regroup from time-to-time.  And the homeless people get all the benches in the shade (those lucky bastards). But its still great to get out of the house and enjoy this beautiful part of the city.

Getting Barney to sit still and pose for pictures is a whole different challenge, haha.

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