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bath time cuteness

bath time cuteness



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Not so sure of all of this...

Not so sure of all of this…










Evie gets a lot of update posts these days.  And I dont want to forget about Wil.  He’s honestly been awesome lately.  And is growing up so fast.  I need to remember to document his growth too!  His language is finally exploding.  He says so many words and can repeat after you.  Though it is sometimes hard to make-out what he is saying, unless you have the picture or object that he is referring to right in front of you.  Hes making great progress though and its easier to communicate with him.

During our christmas break, he got use to sleeping on a floor mattress.  So we thought it would be a good time to move him out of the crib at home.  His normal nighttime routine would be:  Upstairs with Daddy:


Bath time (Phil approved this photo):


Play time in the room with Mommy – then books, lullabies, and night time in the crib:



But now we have adjusted nighttime in order to move Evie into the nursery!  We FINALLY have our room back to ourselves and Evie and Wil share a room.  Now Wil sleeps on a mattress on the floor.  We are waiting until he stops rolling off of it to include the box-spring and eventual bed-frame:



Wil takes a bath first – then Phil gets him dressed and reads stories while I give Evie a bath.  Then I give Evie a bottle in the rocker and put Evie down in the crib, which we moved to the other side of the room and ‘girl-i-fied’ a bit:


Then I lay with Wil and sing songs while Evie fusses herself to sleep. Once Evie is asleep – I slip out while Wil falls asleep on his own.  Then Phil and I can watch a television show or read or talk about our day in our own room without a child within 5 feet of us for the first time in 9 months!!

Wil has done a GREAT job sharing his room.  Evie still fusses in the middle of the night and can wake up Wil.  Every once in a while we hear wil at 2am saying ‘Evie – NO! SHHH!!!!’.  She usually goes back down, but occasionally we need to go in and rescue him.  We’ll bring Evie back into our room, or one of us will lay with Wil while the other gets Evie back to sleep.  Its a process.  But we’re on the right track (I think, I hope, who knows…)

Wil has been very active in the kitchen.  He loves to help me cut up vegetables for dinner or stir things on the stove.  Lately, our favorite thing to do on Sunday morning is make pancakes together.  He loves to pour in pre-measured ingredients.  Sometimes his aim is a little off and flour goes evvvvverywhere! but thats part of the fun, right?  Then the most fun involves cutting shapes out of the pancakes with cookie cutters!  Heres and example of his and her breakfasts on a sunday morning:



Wilek – you have been such a sweet big brother and are growing up so fast.  I’m loving every minute.  Thanks for being so wonderful.

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Change of Routine

In early February – Phil was able to get away with his brother on a ski trip out in Telluride to see Em and Sam!  Ever since their wedding back in August, Phil has been talking about going back for skiing.  I’m so glad he was able to make it.  He had a few fresh pow days and some great Q-T with his sibs.  Here are some epic pics:










While the boy was away – I flew in reinforcements.  My Mom was able to come for the entire time Phil was gone and help me with the kids – I cant even tell you how wonderful this was!  2 kids is tough — so no better person to bring in than someone who raised 4!!!!  It was a cake-walk for her.  She helped me host my neighborhood playgroup on Thursday morning and watched the kids on Friday while I went to work and Liz was off.  On Saturday we went to the Aquarium and then she helped watch Evie while I finally got Wil a hair-cut and shopped for Phil’s Valentines present.  It was a successful, fun and productive week!  The most I can ever hope for! Thanks Mom!!!
















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January 2014

Things were cold this month.  Hopkins was closed 3-4 times due to snow. Unfortunately, with my job – I dont get a lot of credit for ‘snow days’  and work is expected as usual.  Having a nanny this year has been a huge perk. Daycare doesnt care what your work schedule is like.  When they are closed, you fend for yourself.  But, on days where it is possible, Liz can still make it to our place for a few hours for me to get some work done in the office or take a conference call upstairs.  It has seriously helped me so much and I’m so appreciative to have an extra person ‘in my corner’ on these crazy, snowy weeks. Thanks Liz!!

On one of the crazy weather weekends – my brother, Andrew, and his wife, Jessie, came to visit!  Instead of snow, they had crazy fog and could barely see 50 feet in front of their faces.  Not the best for site seeing.  But we still had a great time.  I dont have many pictures of their visit – but we had a nice time out of the house on Friday night (again, Liz came a stayed with the kids. Amazing!)  Then we hit-up the aquarium on Saturday.  Andrew was also able to see a few of his friends who lived in Baltimore/DC.  So it was a great visit for all!  Other than that, we have tried to find other indoor places to run the kids around.  And spent lots of time on crafts and music (and movies) inside.

I couldnt decide which picture of Wil in the snow I liked best – so you get a lot.  It was too icy to sled, but Wil liked helping daddy clean off the car.

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