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Evie is 3!

I feel like the jump from 2 to 3 is a big one.  At 2 you can still pretend they are your little babies — but at 3 – they are bona-fide little kids! In the last year, Evie was potty trained, started sleeping in a twin bed, and gave up her pacifiers. Not to say those things all went smoothly — but hey, we accomplished them.  Here are some other stories and memories about Evie these days:

—One time Evie and I were waiting in the car, so she was up in the front seat with me pushing radio buttons and happened to push a station playing Phil Collins – who I hate – so I was like ‘NOOOOO Not Phil Collins!!’ and she thought it was hilarious – so she kept switching it back saying ‘I LIKE Phil Collins!!’ and then I told her it was the guy who sang all the tarzan songs (a movie she really liked at the time).  So now every time we are in the car she asks if we’re listening to phil collins or tarzan.

—Shes tough to put to bed these days.  She will ask you to ‘come right back and check on me?’ about 5 times before she actually starts to doze off and fall asleep.  If you do not check on her in a time period acceptable to her, she will scream bloody murder.  sometimes this happens at 2am when she wakes up and thinks you forgot about her.  fun fun.

—She loves paw patrol and PJ masks – she sings their theme songs and pretends to be characters.  These days shes insisting everyone call her ‘marshall’, one of the paw patrol dogs.  I called her this at the grocery store check out and the clerk was like ‘thats a cute name’, haha.  Also, she calls me ‘Ryder’ (the paw patrol  leader) and we have to go on missions around the house.  Its the game of the month for sure.

—She is definitely a mommy’s girl.  No one else can put her to sleep, help her in the bathroom, put her shoes on, etc.  It always has to be mommy.  When I go up to take a shower, she has to come up and wait for me in the bedroom until I’m done.  She will always run errands with me, over staying home and playing.  Its nice to be loved. (Its also nice to have 5 minutes of alone time.  But I guess I’ll get that when she goes off to college).

— She is becoming a great playmate for Wil. They can play in the basement unsupervised and not get bored with each other. She comes up with all kinds of creative games and make believe story lines which her and Wil get entirely involved in. Wil used to do this one his own, now he has friend to do it with.

Here was her yearly birthday questionnaire:

  1. What is your favorite color? pink
  2. What is your favorite toy?  Mom and Wil (I rephrased it as what do you like to play with)
  3. What is your favorite food? coffee (I was drinking coffee at the time and couldn’t get another answer out of her)
  4. What is your favorite show? Paw Patrol
  5. What is your favorite thing to wear? Paw Patrol (her new shirt)
  6. What is your favorite animal? elephant
  7. What is your favorite song? sunshine song
  8. What is your favorite book? baby book (no idea what she is talking about?)
  9. Who is your best friend? Cooper (friend from school who we get together with a lot!)
  10. What is your favorite game? Minnie game (new puzzle she just got)
  11. What do you sleep with at night? Minnie (not true, but whatever)
  12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Nothing


For her birthday, we just had a small birthday celebration in the burbs.  Busia and Dzia-dzia were in the area, so they were able to stop over as well.  Birthday pancakes, beach day, balloons, presents and purple cupcakes — it was a great day.  Here is our big 3 year old:



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