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Holidays 2016

Its April and I’m giving a run down of thanksgiving and christmas.  Yikes.

I feel like I usually look back on events with rose-colored lenses but when I think back to the holidays of 2016, all I remember is everyone being sick.  Mostly me. Which is usually fine — but I was sick FOREVER and then everyone else was sick on and off, which made for a grumpy few weeks. And holidays are not the time to be sick.  You cant lay in bed for a few days and get better — you have to suck it up and be where you need to be.  Which was sometimes great because holidays are when you see people you dont see very much — but man, it was an overwhelming few weeks, when I probably should have been laying in bed.  I will give the highlights — because thats more fun and I dont have pictures of anyone puking.

My parents came for Thanksgiving! I hadnt had thanksgiving with my parents in like 7 years! It was really nice to have them.


I went to my first Bears game!  It was a miserable, cold, snowy day —  but we managed to have some fun.


Then we went to Bloomington for Em and Sam’s baby shower – its always great seeing these two! Wish we could see them more.



The week before Christmas the kids had a million school parties,  concerts and events. We of course went to see Santa.



Then it was Christmas! This was our first year of playing Santa.  We have always gone to bloomington and had Christmas morning at one of the grandparents — so we’ve never really had to worry about having presents, santa gifts, stockings, etc.  I LOOOOVED being ‘HOME’ — especially since this is our first real home.  We made cookies and the kids had ‘reindeer food’ from school.  (Did you know reindeer eat oatmeal and glitter — GLITTER?! F-you school. It got everywhere.). It was awesome and stressful and exciting at the same time.  We wrapped everything in secret and stashed things away and waited for them to be asleep to get things ready (and ate all the cookies).  Luckily we are still at the age where kids didnt have anything big or pricey they really wanted — Phil and I actually just went up to our local goodwill store and bought like $50 worth of toys/puzzles/books and it was a HUGE christmas! We bought like 10 plastic airplanes for 50 cents a piece and individually wrapped each one and the kids thought it was the best thing ever.  So easy.  I know it wont always be that easy, so i’m thankful for this year when its still as simple as that.

Then the day after Christmas we drove down to Bloomington for Christmas with the grandparents.  We overlapped with my sister for a bit and got to celebrate Nick’s birthday! I even snuck out with a drink with friends.  We pack in as much as we can on these trips!


Then we made it back for NYE at the Deviches (which is also Quinn’s birthday!) It was a crazy night 😉 and we were at home asleep by 9pm.


PHEW! Since then — we havent traveled at all!  And spent the rest of winter doing activities around here.  More on that next…

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