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Evie is FOUR

Evie. Evie. Evie.


So many stories:

  • Evie loves going to the grocery with me (like nearly every time).  But one time we didnt get a ‘driving cart’ and had to use a regular cart — so she wanted to sit inside the cart (not in the actual designated baby seat) — which I said was fine initially but she kept standing up and sitting on the back edge with her hands holding on in front of her.  I told her plenty of times to sit down and she wasnt being safe.  Finally an older lady even came up to me as I stepped away for a second to get some bananas and told me she needed to sit down because she was making her feel very nervous.  I dont take this type of ‘help’ very well and insisted that Evie was JUST FINE!!  Literally 5 minutes later Evie again tried to sit on the back edge of the cart and actually DID fall backwards but caught herself upside down with her hands and knees over the side of the cart — like she was on the monkey bars!! I seriously thought she was going to crack her head on the cement floor but somehow she held on.  I dont know if the older lady saw us or not.


  • On a separate occasion at Trader Joes — Evie wanted to tag along — but they have those smaller carts and Evie cant sit inside them or in the baby seat — but she still tried to hang on and ride on the side like a normal/large grocery cart (? am I making sense).  Well the whole cart toppled over on top of her! Since shes not the toughest girl — she threw a fit and the manager came over to help her and even gave her a free bag of frozen peas for her boo boos.


  • Evie thinks that the word ‘Oopsies’ make everything 100% better no matter what.  For example —  shes playing rough with Zev and he accidentally gets hurt.  If Evie says ‘oopsies’ then no one gets in trouble and he should stop crying —  makes total sense, right?!  One time I went to get her from her ‘quiet time’ upstairs in her room and discovered she had squeezed out her lotion ALL OVER her hands….and bed… and pillow….etc.  When I asked her what the heck happened she goes “I SAID OOPSIES!’.  Like that was going to magically make everything ok.


  • Evie is the reason we needed to make a ‘No Bikes on the front steps’ rule in our house. I dont really think that needs an explanation.  but thank god she was ok.  Reminder — we have about 50 steps up to our front door.  She wast even wearing a helmet, but somehow walked away with only a few scratches.


  • We have made other various ‘rules’ in our house including ‘make your own decisions’ which was originally intended for Evie because she was ordering everyone around and she needed to know people could do things other than listen to her demands.  But the ‘make your own decision rule’ backfired a bit when Evie went to her room for a while and emerged explaining ‘I MADE MY OWN DECISION AND PAINTED MY NAILS’. Luckily we have the child proof kind that rubs off.


  • Another rule is ‘trying to solve your own problem’ (which is aimed at Wil to try new things) but is terrifying when evie implements it. (perhaps thats how the bike got on the front steps?!  seriously — how did she get the bike all the way up the front steps?!) One time I helping Zev with something and Evie run past us with a step stool and I asked her what she was doing and she yelled ‘SOLVING MY OWN PROBLEM MOM!!’. Luckily she was just trying to get a toy off the counter — but I could see this being an issue in the future.




A million other little things —

  • Zev calls her “She She” for “sissy”.
  • She somehow has the words ‘Leprechan’ and ‘Coyote’ mixed-up.  Perhaps this is cleared up now, but around St. Patricks Day it was particularly confusing. (There was a coyote in the cafeteria?!)
  • Says ‘Thats Why’ instead of ‘because’.  For example: “I went and got a drink of water, thats why, i was thirsty’.
  • I call you Eva the Diva.  or just Eva Diva. you do not like it.
  • Likes me to sing the Paw Patrol Song as a lullaby. So in my sweetest voice every night I am singing “Paw patrol, patrol, they’ll be there on the doubleeeee. Paw patrol, paw patrol whenever youre in troubleeeee……” Its embarrassing. but she sleeps.  i do a lot of things for sleep.
  • Ever since we gave up her afternoon nap — she falls asleep in random places at random times.  Its kind of cute.

She is by far the most needy right now. (Which isnt fair because they all need us equally) — but sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  So A LOT of my time is spent with Evie.  And she is a mamma’s girl, so its always me.  We are working on ‘using our words’ and ‘taking deep breaths’ a lot.  (Both of us!!)



Here was her yearly birthday questionnaire:

  1. What is your favorite color? pink (unchanged from last year)
  2. What is your favorite toy?  drawing
  3. What is your favorite food? apples
  4. What is your favorite show? Ice Age (movies weve been watching)
  5. What is your favorite thing to wear? pink
  6. What is your favorite animal? elephant (unchanged from last year)
  7. What is your favorite song? tu ra looo ra
  8. What is your favorite book? monster books
  9. Who is your best friend? Morgan (her new friend from this year!)
  10. What is your favorite game? Paw Patrols/ Puppies
  11. What do you sleep with at night? Moo moo Bear and Hello Kitty
  12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Nothing (unchanged from last year, haha!!)


Since her birthday usually falls right on memorial day weekend — many people were out of town —  so we opted to have a low key birthday at home.  I got lots of snuggles, we painted our nails, and had a birthday present scavenger hunt! It was a fun day and she (of course) loved a day where she was the center of attention. 🙂  Love you Eva Diva.


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