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September 2014

At the end of August, Liz went back to school on Tuesday/Thursdays – so that meant that I was back to strictly M/W/F in the office.  I was really spoiled this summer, so its been an adjustment.  I’m back to working evenings and weekends — and there hasnt been much time to run errands, work-out or do too many ‘extra’ things. We’re kind of running on fumes these days — but somehow we just keep going.  I cant wait for the day where I can try a new recipe,  do a little shopping for myself, or sleep-in without the whole week being planned around a simple event.  Until then…we just keep going.


Wil is really getting into a groove at preschool — I have a great relationship with his teacher and shes really on his side with helping him cope better in social situations.  I love my Tuesday/Thursday mornings alone with Evie.  We try to make it to the park or just go on a walk around the neighborhood.  Its nice to spoil her a little bit, but I also miss my time with Wil.  Wil is totally in a “What’s that?” stage.  Mostly with sounds.  Anytime he hears anything that hes not sure of….”Whats that?” and we have to go explore.  He grew nearly 2 inches this summer,  but hes still a stick.  Most 3T pants fall off his butt, but the 2Ts are 3 inches too short.  There are only a few specific brands of pants he can wear.  However – good for us- he prefers to be pant-less.  Its just those pesky times that we are out in public that I have to worry about.  We currently have a set of like 10 toys that Wil cant live without. There is a plastic tiger (named Micheal Jordan), a little red car, a nerf gun, a blue shovel, a full-size measuring tape, a set of plastic airplanes, and a few others.  He rotates week to week what is his ‘favorite’, but whatever it is — he cant live without it.  He has to take it to school (in his back pack), sleeps with it at nap time, takes it into the bath, and bed at night.  Its only one at a time, but its always something.


Evie is non-stop action these days.  She loves to dance.  She seriously cant NOT dance when there is music playing.  Sometimes shes just totally straight-faced and there will be music on in the background and she just starts bouncing back and forth.  I dont think she even realizes shes doing it.  She just continues doing whatever shes doing, no facial expression, just bouncing when there is music.  Its kind of hilarious. She also loves to climb things: stairs, slides, coffee tables.  Wil use to ‘help’ her with these things.  One morning, I was getting ready upstairs, and I usually leave the kids downstairs, when all of a sudden – I heard their voices in my room! Wil had opened the gate and ‘helped’ Evie climb up the entire wooden floating staircase to come see me.  oh my god.  We had to have a little talk about ‘helping’ Evie  and that she was too small to do those things.  Now, when she climbs on the coffee table or starts standing on chairs, he’s my little alert.  ‘NO NO NO EVIE!’.  Speaking of ‘No No No’ — its Evies new favorite saying.  This girl will look you in the eye, drop an entire cup of crackers on the floor and then shake her finger saying ‘NO NO NO!’.  Yeah Eves.  No good.


The main event for September was the Wozniak family trip to Ocean City – which will be the next post.  But in Baltimore, we made it to Ukrainian festival, the top of the pagoda, got through a week of sickness, went to a birthday party, and just generally hung out at home keeping our heads above water.


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I’ve been a little undecided on where this blog is going to go.  I’m getting to the point where I wish I could say more for my own purposes and future recollections.  I want to think of this blog as a diary to look back and remember these years with a little more detail.  But then I’m super reserved because its public and now that the kids are getting older I definitely want to keep some of their information, follies, and upbringings more private.  But I also use this space as a general picture blog to share with family/friends who are far away.  Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll have to join one of those crazy face-twistter-spaces so I can still share pictures but then make Woznation my private diary space for Phil and I to reflect and then can share pages/thoughts privately as the kids get older. We will explore some options.  Until then, I have a few more picture posts to share!  Stay tuned.

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