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Naples 2014

Oh man thats just what we needed.  This winter has been long and it was so nice to step foot on the beach.  Getting down there was a bit rough –  our flight was delayed, we ran out of water on the plane, Wil leaked through his diaper, Evie screamed a good part of the way, but that just seems par for the course these days.  At least we had 80 degree weather after it was over.   Thursday morning we woke up to this:




Wil was hesitant at first, but learned to love the beach.  We had beautiful weather all 4 days and spent as much time as possible out doors. This was the first time I had been back to the condo in about 10 years – and it was the first time Phil or the kids have been there.  So it was really fun doing all the things I did as a kid with my own children.  We over lapped with Andrew and Jessie on Thursday and went on a date night Friday.  The rest of the time was spent following the basketball games and hanging out with Mimi and Pop pop!


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The kids had a blast.  Evie always had someone to hold her and Wil always had something new to explore.  The only thing I forgot were books for bedtime, but we made do with people magazine and rolling stone.  Id flip through the pages and tell him a story about justin beiber and he was happy enough.  On the plane ride home – Wil was tuckered out:


We came back to snow and ice on Monday, But its looking like spring is finally around the corner.  Thanks for having us Mom and Dad!  It was a really special trip!

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We’ve been keeping a low profile these days.  After Phil got back from Telluride, we celebrated valentines day and my birthday.  Then Annakate was in the area for an evening and got to meet Evie for the first time.  The next weekend, I was able to go to Indy for a night to help Celia pick out a wedding dress!  Phil finished-up things at his old position at Aberdeen and started his new job at Fort Meade.  We’re had crazy weather — after a snow day on March 3rd, we headed to the zoo in short sleeves on March 8th.  Today it was warm, but tomorrow we are expecting snow storms. I’m heading to a stats conference tomorrow, but then the whole family is heading down to Naples, FL for a much-needed spring vacation!!  I’m even going to leave my laptop at home!

A random funny story from today – I was addressing bridal shower invitations for Cel’s up coming shower, and got through about 25 invitations before screwing up one of them. Once that happened, though, I loudly proclaimed ‘Oh shit!’ (as I often do – but havent thought much of it, since Wil never seems to pay much attention to us…until now.).  Phil was playing video games and Evie was sleeping.  I carried on with the invitations.  Wil was talking to himself, playing with his choo-choos, but Phil and I both suddenly stopped what we were doing when we realized he just kept saying ‘oh shit, ooooh shit, oh shit’.  Phil and I nearly lost it.  People always told us he would start repeating after us – but this was the first time he has ever truly done it.  Phil and I were laughing hysterically – but muffled our laughs for Wil and Phil quickly redirected him to playing basketball.  He hasnt said it since (and neither have I!).  I guess we really do need to start watching what we say!!

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Nine months in…Nine months out!


Some people says she has dimples.  I prefer to call it ‘face-cellulite’.


Bunny pictures are hard to come by these days.  She doesnt stay still for long.   This girl barrel rolls everywhere. She can get anywhere she wants to go, fast, with a series of rolls and turns.  Just this week she is starting to get her knees under her, but I wonder if she’ll ever crawl given how efficient she is at rolling.


She looks like a freaking toddler in the picture above, compared to 5 weeks below. I guess that makes sense since she is nearly 23 pounds and 2 feet, 5 in tall.  She practically is the size of a toddler these days! She is exclusively in 18 month clothes.

5 weeks old!

5 weeks old!

She is rocking a pony tail now. We try to keep it out of her eyes during the day, but at night we let it down.  And she loves twirling the hair by her ears as we give her the night-time bottle.  Its pretty adorable.


She is eating solids twice a day and loves pretty much everything.  She has 3 bottom teeth (23, 24, and 25) and one top tooth (8) but we think the other top tooth is coming in soon. (Did I get those tooth numbers right, doctors?)

Shes starting to become very vocal and will definitely let you know when she’s unhappy about things.  She was going through a stretch where she didnt like to be put down.  At all.  And was waking up in the middle of the night again.  But we think/hope that was a teething phase.  She seems to be doing better this week.  Thank goodness – Phil and I were at wit’s end the last few weeks.

She knows how to wave and clap. She loves to watch wil throw things and tries to throw things herself.  She especially loves playing with bubbles (which is Wil’s reward when he uses the potty).  She says ‘mama’ often  – mainly when she wants something.  So I’m not quite sure if she’s actually calling me — Or it’s just her word for ‘help’.  We’ll see.

I also had my mom send a few pictures of me when I was little.  Everyone says Wil is an exact replica of Phil (even though I see Andrew/Pop-pop in him, as they were babies).  I’d like to think Evie at least has a little of me in her :




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