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Summer 2018

Another summer in the books! Another summer with 3 kids and barely any camp.  It was a lot of togetherness! A lot.




Well…that’s not completely true – the big kids went to a full week of day-long camp in Bloomington and Zev hung with the grandparents while Phil and I went to Hawaii on a week-long vacation (!!!) at the beginning of June.  But since we spent the rest of the camp-money in Hawaii, it was 24-hour ‘Mom Camp’ the rest of summer.



I’ll give a proper Hawaii post sometime – but needlessly to say it was excellent.  And the kids had an awesome time in B-town.  But lets back up.  Right after school got out, the kids had their dance recital!  Wil did dance this year and loved it but is catching on to it being a ‘girl thing’ and doesn’t want to do it anymore.  I’m bummed that hes hitting the age of social pressures. Tae Kwon Do was great last year, but a bit too strict and overwhelming for him.  Dance reminded me of a ‘Fun’ Tae Kwon Do – still doing routines and learning to control your body but in a much more fun environment! Wil and Evie both rocked their recital and it was so much fun watching them. All the grandparents came to watch too!  Thanks guys!




Then we headed to Indiana for the kids to stay with the grandparents while Phil and I went on our 10-year anniversary trip.  Big kids had a great time at camp arrowhead while Zev hung out at the house.  Then we celebrated Wil’s birthday when we got back.




Then we made it back to Chicago for 4th of July activities!





After that, like I said, we didn’t have a whole lot planned!  We did swimming lessons for a few weeks.  Wil and Evie were AWESOME this year.  And I thought it would be a good idea to put Zev in the preschool class, where you technically had to be 3 but I pushed them to let me sign him up (?! Whyyy did I do this??) because he was NOT ready and hes so-so shy and basically just ran out of the pool and I had to chase him every 5 minutes for 2 weeks. I dont have any pictures of Wil and Evie — but they are jumping in and swimming underwater like champs these days.  They still like to stay where they can touch, but are getting more confident every day!



The biggest excitement of summer was Evie breaking her arm. She and Wil were messing around on the swinging rings at the indoor playground one morning and she fell on her left arm and broke her ulna near the elbow.  She was crying and said it hurt – but of course I didn’t believe it was that bad.  Plus her cousins were arriving in a few hours – so we told her to take it easy and she was in relatively good spirits the rest of the day.  The next morning we went to Lego-Land and she still wasn’t using her arm much, so I finally made the appointment to check it out (over 24 hours later!).  We had it wrapped in a soft cast at the childrens ER that night (a magician came to see her in her room!) – then made an appointment at Luries for the hard cast a few days later.  Thank goodness for water-proof casts these days.  It didn’t slow her down a bit.  We still went swimming and enjoyed the rest of summer without complaint from Evie (She was seriously a super-trooper through the whole thing.  Love that girl).



Other than that we kept busy with trips to the park —  trips to the Zoo with friends — putt-putt and lots of ice cream!






We even had a few visitors!   (Hi Harrisons! Hi Andrew!)  And I got to see a few friends! (Hi Leigh Ann! Hi Andrea! Hi Beyonce!)




Now, Wil is off to First grade, Evie is off to Kindergarten, and Zev starts a 2-year old preschool class for a few hours two days a week starting in September.  This is the first year ever all 3 will be in school!!! (Zev only has 5 hours a week, but hey, I’ll take it).




Here are all the left over photos:



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