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Winter 2016

Just popping in to say we survived our first Chicago winter. (But by all accounts, it wasnt bad at all).  Baltimore seemed to have more snow – but also had warmer days sprinkled in, so the snow would always melt and you’d be able to get outside for a few days here and there.  But here, it snowed and it stayed on the ground forever because it doesnt reach above freezing for months at a time! We made the huge mistake of leaving our sled outside on the patio after the first snow – and it got frozen to the ground for all of January and half of February.  Lesson learned.


Heres my brain dump from the last few months:

-New Years was spent at home making home made confetti and cheers-ing with apple juice around 8pm to the netflix countdown

-Evie is officially in her big girl bed.  We originally put Wil and Evie back in the same room to free up the crib for Zev.  But Wil and Evie had a bit too much fun, so Evie is back in her room.  And Zev is still in our room.  But thats ok! Because Zev is starting to sleep through the night for the most part!!  We’ll deal with the crib situation in the new house

-We’ve been house hunting.  There was one we were pretty close to pulling the trigger on but ultimately decided to see what else was out there.  But I think we’re narrowing down what we want.

-I took all 3 kids to Btown to see my sister and her family – it was the first time they had met Zev, and the first time we had seen them since last August. And Phil got 3 glorious days all to himself.

-Phil had a few work trips.  One of which was 4 days (with a stop in Vegas!) so Char came up to help with the kids and Mark came up over the weekend. Then my parents came another weekend to help us watch the kids while we went into the city for a day and house hunted.

-I hopped down to btown with Zevin for 26 hours for Sarah’s baby shower and had time to go on a run outside and a pedicure with Celia. It was a near perfect weekend.

-I got majorly overwhelmed and nearly had a breakdown one day — so Phil scheduled a massage for me,  left work early and took care of all household duties and kids while I got back my sanity.

-I turned 33!  And had two phone interview/discussions about job opportunities around the Chicago area.  It was pretty fun to have the focus on me for hot beat, but ultimately had to decline one offer since there is no way I can commute into the city right now. But the other one is still an option!

-Wil is really into letter sounds and trying to read —  Its so cool to watch him string things together to figure out a word! He still needs lots of help and repeating, but you can tell hes getting the idea.

-We have discovered an indoor trampoline place near us that Phil loves. He at least takes Wil and Evie with him.  But really he goes to meet his friend (and his kids) and its the adults who have the most fun.  There is a big sign that says ‘No Double Flips’ — so Phil does triple flips.

-Phil went to a bulls game! And is headed to a blackhawks game tomorrow night.

-We went to the children museum one afternoon and Zev had a total blow out. And in a total amateur move – i didnt bring him a change of clothes.  I think if this would have happened with Wil, it would have totally ended the day.  We would have just packed up and went home.  But luckily I’m not so overwhelmed by these things anymore.  I just stripped him down, brought my mostly naked baby to the gift shop, asked for the smallest shirt they had (which was 2T!) – wrapped him up and carried on with the day.

-I was at the grocery store with Evie the other day and she picked up a shallot and asked what it was.  When I told her, she held it up to her ear and said ‘I cant hear the ocean?!’.

-Evie includes sounds effects when shes talks. “I see a froggie, ribbit ribbit”.  “Do you want to play Trains? Choo choo.” “I want to watch monsters, ROAR”.

-Wil starts every sentence with “Let me tell you something” which was cute for a while but starting to get annoying

-Zev is putting everything in his mouth!


I know this is a super lame update after 3 months, but really we’ve just been surviving  cabin fever, trying to get into a rhythm, and waiting for spring! I cant wait for warmer weather and more sunlight!

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