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We decided to go into the city this past weekend, since we have limited weekends with such freedom. We werent really sure what we were going to do, but we figured we’d either try to see a show or go to a museum and then hit up chelsea market.  So we started in Times Square where they have the last-minute ticket booth and you can get 50% off tickets for shows taking place that afternoon.  There werent many musicals being offered that we wanted to see, but the play ‘Motherf**ker with the Hat’ still had tickets for that afternoon, so we decided to stand in line and see if we’d get lucky.

Well we were standing in line for maybe 20 minutes or so, when we got approached by someone who worked there.  And he says ‘Someone said they thought a pregnant lady was standing in line, but they werent sure.  Now that I see you, you are CLEARLY pregnant.  You can go to the front of the line!  Come with me!’  Phil and I were astounded.  Apparently this was no act of chivalry – they consider pregnancy a ‘medical condition’ that allows people to go to the front of the line!  Had we known this, we might have been going into the city every weekend for these deals!  We were pumped and got some sweet seats for the play that afternoon!

It was really fun.  The main actor and actress were amazing in it (and up for Tonys!).  Chris Rock was in it, too. Which was just fun to see.  It was only a 5 person show, in a relatively small theater – so it was a very up-close and personal kind of experience.  And we got to say we saw a show on Broadway!

Then we ate cupcakes:

Bakeries are the new Breweries.  At least since I became pregnant.  Yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm.  It was a great afternoon.

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Work Baby Shower

So on Monday, my boss told me to block out a few hours at lunch for ‘a little something.’  It turns out everyone came together to throw me a baby shower!!  I was so surprised!!  Everyone brought food and decorated.  They all chipped in for a gift card for me and I opened a few presents as well.  I was soooo not expecting everything, but it was so great!  Here was the spread:

Me, my boss, and administrative assistant:

Gifts and Cake:

My special chair (amongst the copier and WB Mason boxes):

Here are some candids:



It was such a fun afternoon.  The ladies at work have been so wonderful and supportive.  Most have kids of their own and they are always so encouraging.  I only have 5 or 6 weeks left of work here –  Its so crazy to think I am leaving so soon – I havent even been here a year!  I was very lucky for this position during our short stint in the Jerz.  Especially for all the great people I met while I was there!

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32 Weeks gestation

So I did my best to recreate a picture that was taken in early November, about a week after we found out I was pregnant.


So, yeah. 4 weeks vs. 32 weeks.  I’ve really let myself go.

I feel like I am plateau-ing in terms of ‘news’.  In the early part of pregnancy I didnt have much to share because I wasnt showing or feeling much of anything.  Then I started getting my bump and I started feeling him move and everything was new and exciting.  But now, its like – ‘Yeah, he moves ALL the time. I wish he would stop so I can go to sleep.’  and ‘Yeah, Im ginormous. I have to do a grand plie every time I need to pick something up.’  But I cant complain because everything is going great! We got the car seat today and the instruction manual is more complicated than my car’s instruction manual.  Luckily, there are appointments at the hospital where they can approve the installation of said car seat before we need to take the little guy home in it.  We have also started washing the baby clothes and buying supplies in preparation of his arrival.  We are just getting the essentials for the few weeks we are here in the Jerz and will worry about the rest when we get to Baltimore.  Its going to be a crazy last few weeks!  Less than 2 months to go!

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