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Its been over a year since my last Day in the Life.  Phil was traveling this week, so this was a fun way to keep me distracted for a day.  Here we go…..

December 14th 2017

2:00am — Zev is up.  He no longer just cries — but now screams a very specific ‘MOMMMMMMMMMMM’.  I go in and cover him up.  He goes back to sleep.

6:45am — Since Phil is gone, I set my alarm to make sure I get downstairs to take out barney before the kids are up.  Start making coffee and Evie comes down at 7:00.  I hear Zev crying a few minutes later.  I put on a show for them and get breakfast going.  Evie has some cereal at the table and Zev is snacking on dry cereal on the couch.

7:30am — still no Wil.  I go up and get him and grab the kids clothes for the day.  Hes finally downstairs around 7:40 and eats a waffle. Zev has a diaper.  Im rushing to get Wil’s lunch and snacks for both big kids in their backpacks.  There is snow outside meaning Wil needs to take boots, snowpants, and hat to school or hes not allowed past the black-top during recess.  His snowpants from last year didnt fit, so I bought new ones that he still needs to try on.

8:15am — Bus (is supposed to come) in 4 minutes and we’re still trying to finish hair, teeth, and advent calendars.  (god forbid we forget the advent calendar.)  Wil still hasnt tried on his snowpants!!!  But we make it in the car by 8:20 after lots of yelling.  We sit at the end of the driveway in the car and I remember that my tire alert came on the night before.  I was so scared I had a leak and that the tire would be flat this morning, but luckily its fine — but still needs air.  Bus comes at 8:22 and I have 8 minutes to get Evie to school, but we make it.

8:30am– drop off Evie at school and call the tire place to see if they’ll help me fill tires because i’m dumb and its cold and I have Zev and dont feel like trying myself.  Ive been going to the same place since I got here, so luckily they ‘know’ me and are willing to fill my tires for me.

9:00am — Back home. Do a Zev diaper.  Answer texts I havent answered in forever, write some emails, make some calls. Take barney out and clean up from the morning — Zev hangs out and watches a show and plays with cars.  I clean out the fridge and make a grocery list. I finally eat something myself.

10:00am — Out the door to the grocery.  Its cold enough outside (10 degrees!) that I can shop and still do other things and the groceries can sit in the cold car! Score! I get some kringles for mom and dinner items.  Then we head to the library for a bit before picking up Evie.  We get to evie’s school a bit early so Zev plays in the car until she comes out.

11:45am– Home with Evie and Zev.  Bring everything in and put things away.  Make lunch for everyone.  PB sandwiches, strawberries, and a few cheetos.  I have a few bites of chicken salad.  Take barney out. Head upstairs to put Zev down for his nap, do another diaper.


12:25pm — Zev is finally asleep.  I go to the basement for a quick run while Evie watches a show.  Then we played a bit in the basement before heading upstairs for a shower – Evie does makeup while she waits for me. Then Evie and I made graham cracker houses for playdate tomorrow! We’re going to decorate then with icing and candy.  Yum.  We finished up just as Zev started making noise.

2:20pm — Went and got Zev.  Evie and Zev have gummies on the couch and watch a show while I run down to take barney out. Do a Zev diaper and take out the trash. We get a package and they take some of our snacks! I got this idea from Celia last year and its been a huge hit:

2:55pm — Head outside and wait for Wils bus.  He has a good day (and says I wont get any calls).  When I go check his backpack – literally the only thing he ate were crackers.  I go ‘are you starving?’ he was like ‘YEAH’ so he ate the rest of his lunch and snack.  I turn on the lights since its getting dark out already.  Everyone watches the end of a show then start ‘playing’ which is actually more like fighting. I hand out a few ‘strikes’ — then make the kids turn on christmas lights around the house and play upstairs.  It doesnt go well upstairs — I hand out a few more strikes. If they get 3 strikes, they dont get dessert.  They finally settle down a bit and I do Zevs bath and a diaper while the big kids play in Wil’s room.  Then after Zevs bath, they are all playing nicely together upstairs together (?!). I’m suspicious — but sneak downstairs to get their dinner ready real quick.

4:30pm — Go get kids for dinner — everyone is acting nuts again.  I run downstairs to take out barney and hope they dont kill each other while eating.  We have to leave at 5:00 so I’m starting to yell about eating food, going to the bathroom and getting shoes on.

5:05pm — Finally getting in the car. Late for soccer but we were there for most of it.  Its the same coach that Evie has on Saturday mornings, so he lets her join in for a while, but when they started the scrimmage, Evie got intimidated by the big kids and played in the hallway with Zev instead.  I let each kid earn a ‘star’ if they were good at soccer (which cancels out a ‘strike’).

6:20pm — Home.  Take out Barney. Take turns upstairs with the big kids doing showers while the other ‘watches’ Zev.  Put on PJS.  Everyone is hungry so we have some sandwiches and/or  eggo waffles. Put on ‘Elf’ (even though Evie is protesting).  Start a load of laundry.  Do a Zev diaper.

7:00pm — ‘Treat time’ — then I sat and watched Elf with them for a solid 20 minutes (!!) which was nice.  Then we head upstairs for teeth and bedtime.  Evie and Wil played while I put Zev down.  Then I do bedtime with Evie while Wil plays.  Then finally Wil.

8:20 — Back downstairs.  Take out barney one last time.  Switch the laundry.  House is mess and I’m starving.  Dont clean but made some food.   I’m so tired.  Go upstairs and watch a crown episode and go to bed. Lights out around 9:30?



Take away:  Still doing diapers (8/day is pretty normal).  We are taking out barney a ton (He has been going in the house if you dont take him out every 2-3 hours).    It was lonely without phil — I dont think I really talked to an adult today? I never have time without a kid (as in there is always one awake that Im responsible for) but I did get a lot done while they played or watched shows.  I dont have to watch them every single second anymore.  I mean, I got a workout mid-day with two kids home, thats a definite improvement! And I didnt really help the older two with many bathroom things.  I helped them in and out of the shower — but they did most of that by themselves.

I definitely need to eat more vegetables.

The main thing that gets me was that is was a BORING day  — like maybe its not that different from past posts — but maybe I was more interested back then? I was bored even writing all this. Ive been doing the same sh*t for 6 1/2 years, so im over it.  It is basically just a lot of ordering people around all day.  Blah.  I definitely need to seek out some evening/weekend stimulation.  Phil and I are starting to look into a 10-year anniversary vacation though — so that is one thing I am definitely looking forward to!!  Let the day dreaming begin!

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