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AK came to visit last weekend and we took Wil to the mall to get his picture taken with santa! I had to do this with AK because Phil is a big ol grinch and hates the mall at christmas time.  We had an awesome time and Wil posed like a pro.  We also got a mini christmas tree at our house!  All the ornaments were given to us by Phil’s mom.  She had an ornament for every year of phils life – and gave them all to us our first christmas as a couple.  The tree also sports some cascading ribbon – al a ‘nancy style’.  A christmas tree doesnt seem like a christmas tree without some cascading ribbon, am i right?

Its also the blogiversary!!  My first post was a year ago today! This is our 80th post.  Meaning we’re averaging a post about every 4.5 days.  Not too shabby.  Ive really enjoyed keeping in touch with everyone through the site.  Thanks for stopping by!

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(1) Kentucky 72                            Indiana 73

I am not sure if anyone else watched the game but IU beat Kentucky. I am pretty sure Watford hit that game winning shot because it was Wilek’s first IU basketball game. He was dressed appropriately.

If you are interested we posted ~15 new Wilek videos. Goto Wilek Vids to check them out.

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Lion Photos, Month 5

I have a giant man baby on my hands!  Actually, hes only in the 50th percentile.  But he’s just getting so big!  I love it though, the first few months of motherhood are rough.  Did you know that you have to do everything for these babies in the early months?  Then a magical thing happens…they start entertaining themselves!!  They get interested in things other than your boobs – and they are actually content to explore the world around them.  Its way more fun than soothing 24/7.  And him growing is a sign of this independence, which means a lot to me.  Now if only we could get him to sleep through the night…..*yawn*.

We left off at 11 weeks:

Week 11 (2.5 months)

Heres what Ive managed since then…and since i never take just one picture, Im going to show a few of every ‘series’:

13 weeks (3 months):

15 weeks (3.5 months):

17 weeks (4 months)

22 weeks (5 months….we’re probably going to once a month now….)

Week 1:

Week 1

At least hes tolerating the photo sessions more?

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Nov 2011

In November we went to DC, went to Bloomington, and hosted Thanksgiving with the Wozos!  Here are some highlights:

Phil and I went for a day trip down to DC – its about 40 miles from here, it took about an hour doorstep to doorstep.  It was SO FUN.  We took Wil to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum first.  At this point, he was a little over 4 months old and is finally starting to watch things.  He tracks them and you can tell hes trying to figure out what the heck is going on and what it all means.  The number one thing about going to museum with kids is watching THEM watch other things.  Its amazing.  After the museum we met up with Phil’s friend Brian.  We walked a good 2 mile loop around the Mall on a gorgeous fall day.

Then we headed off to Bloomington , where I really didn’t take many picture.  But we plan on swiping all grandparents’ pictures’ when we are home for christmas, so check back around new years for a mega pictures post (probably my next post at this rate, right?).  But Wilek did awesome on his first plane ride.   I took one picture in the airport and one picture of Phil and Wil.  The family picture was actually from when Wendy was visiting – I just wanted to throw it in there.

Then 10 days later, the Woz’s came to Baltimore!  It was sooo great to have round-the-clock baby holders.  I got to cook.  Phil got to game.  Busia got to hold Wil.  And Dziadzi filled in where needed :).  Again…minimal picture taking since grandparents seem to have that down, but Ill post some once we get them all over christmas. 

We made it to the Maryland Science museum.  It was so hands-on!!  I think Phil (And Busia!) had the best time.  But again, it so fun to take Wil places now that hes really noticing and interacting with things.  I cant wait to post the video of Wil with the tornado wind tunnel (Videos next on the to-do list!  Check back within a week!).

In the off weekends we stayed close to home, walked along the harbor, looked out the window, and played with barney.

Again, its so fun to think about what was happening a year ago.  The day before Thanksgiving last year, we had our first ultrasound and got to see the heartbeat of our littler ‘Casper’.  We managed to finagle thanksgiving alone in 2010, so again – it was still our little secret.  But much more real than Halloween.  And now this year – We had a rambunctious little 5 month old bouncing up and down – eating his first bite of avocado!!  We are truly thankful.

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