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I made it

Phew!  I made it!


I joined a relay team for the Baltimore Marathon shortly after Evie was born. I needed something on my calendar to get me out and running again.  A team relay meant I couldnt flake (which i totally would have done if no one else was counting on me).  My friend, Amanda, found 2 other moms in the area looking to create a 4-person team.  I had Leg 3, a 6.7 mile uphill climb!  But I F-ing rocked it – by Amy standards, that is.

I also feel that this marks the end of Evie’s ‘infanthood’.  I feel that we made it through her first few months of being teeny-tiny – and now we just have 2 kids. I think I have said once before – if there is one thing I hate more than being pregnant – its newborns.  Man-oh-man the first few months are rough.  I was so, so, so lucky to have a generous maternity leave.  Combined with an awesome nanny who helped my transition back to work go smoothly. We made it through relatively unscathed. I’m happy to be on the other side now. I’m getting back to my old self – and our family is feeling stable.  As stable as a 4-month old and 2-year old can be!!

Granted, we’ve had to re-adjust expectations over the past few months.  I used to want family time, work time, amy time, husband time, catch-up on sleep time, and some let-loose time in every weekend.  But, alas, I would sit down sunday night feeling deprived of a few of those things.  It cant all be done!  So I’ve tried to prioritize one or 2 of those things each weekend – switching off – so that im not fully depleted in any one area over the course of a month.  Law of averages, baby!  Last week, Phil and I randomly got a babysitter Sunday afternoon so that we could go watch the Colts game together.  This weekend I ran in my race. Tomorrow I hope to go to the B&O railroad museum with the kiddos.  I’m going to be low on work hours this week  – and it will have to be a priority next weekend.  I cant do it all.  But I’m hoping over time, it will all work out.

As I look through all the pictures I chose to include, its hard to think its not working out.  We’re happy, we’re healthy, we’re doing our best:

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Pork Chop

Have I mentioned yet that we call Evie “Pork Chop”?  I probably call her ‘pork chop’ more than I call her evie.  Even at her 2 month appointment, the doctor called her ‘juicy’ – so it has also evolved into ‘juicy pork chop’ or ‘jpc’ for short.  Can you blame us:


Shes so great.  She has her 4 month appointment next week.  I’ll give some updated stats then, but I’m guessing she weighs at least 75 lbs. Have I also not mentioned that we call Wilek ‘Wil-wil’?  (Seems like I would have told this story already, but I cant find it.)  The ladies at his old daycare started calling him that and it stuck.  Even when I would drop him off, his friends would call him ‘Wil-wil’ and I was Wil-wil’s mommy.  Go figure.  The nicknames I did not consider….

Anywho – Life is so freaking great around here.  I think most of my blog posts tend to have a happy tone about them because the only time I have to blog is when Im not stressed/busy with other things.   I actually have a free hour to upload pictures and talk about my children on the internet!  LIFE IS GRAND! Granted, I also use the time to catalog the stressful times and talk about crazy basement floodings, but still – its all with a rose-colored lens.

Speaking of lenses, my photos are always so dark in this house.  Row-houses only have windows at the the front and back of the house,  and our recess lighting is too harsh in the mornings/evenings, so many of my pictures turn out like this:


But thats okay.  You can still see the cuteness:



I’ve finally been able to get some work done in the evenings and try to enjoy my tuesdays and thursdays ‘off’ when the kiddos. This past Thursday we went and fed the ducks:





Mid Fall

Wil would bait them with all the bread – and then chase them away. A non-stop party, until the bread ran out.  We also have fun running around the tennis courts:



We’ve really lucked out with some killer weather recently.  We are outside any chance we get – even if its just bubbles on the porch with the neighbor kids.  Evie  is starting to sit up for extended periods in the boppy or bumbo.  The bouncy chair barley bounces anymore due to her being such a big baby.  We’ll probably retire it soon. Its hard to catch a smile, but I swear, shes a very happy baby!!




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We were all over the place in August.  We stayed busy in Baltimore going to the zoo and an Os game.  Then flew to Telluride, CO for Em’s wedding.  Then drove to Indiana for 10 days for BJ’s bachelor party and wedding!  I will devote a better post to our travels.  But for the mean time, here are lots (!!) of snap-shots from early August:

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Awhile ago I started working on a similarities/differences list of Evie and Wil as babies.  I keep saying I want to add more, but never do!  So I figured I’ll get it out now before it becomes completely outdated.

Wilek Evie
Sleeping Only sleep on our chest or his stomach.  Would only sleep on his back for short stretches.  Loved being swaddled. Hates the swaddle.  Sleeps on her back with her legs stretched out and arms above her head.  Hates being on her stomach.
Tummy Time Great at tummy time.  Great neck control.  Could look up and around without any trouble Hates it.  Can barely get her head off the ground and usually just rests her forehead on the ground and cries until we get her…but shes getting better!
Pacifier Never got into it. Loves it!  Great soothing device when things get a little hectic.
Diapers Screamed bloody murder the second he had a dirty diaper.  Then would scream his way through the actual diaper change. Doesnt fuss about it and loves having her diaper changed.  I get the most smiles during diaper changes.
Bottles Was pretty good with both bottle and nursing.  Occasionally went on bottle strikes which were very long for me. Wil also went through a lot of burp cloths a day due to spitting up frequently. Basically all bottles except during night.  Doesn’t seem to have a preference. Despite some very impressive burps, Evie hardly spits up.
Baths Did not enjoy them. But was in the baby bath early on.  Has learned to love them. Does not enjoy them.  We still haven’t given her a proper bath.  All sponge baths around here, due to her gassy nature.

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Bunny Pictures, Week 8

Evie was 7 lb 4 oz at birth and at 6 weeks she was 11 lbs 9 oz! I’m guessing she has to be well over 12 lbs now.  She’s growing fast!

1 week old!

1 week old!

3 weeks old!

3 weeks old!

5 weeks old!

5 weeks old!

7 weeks old!

7 weeks old!

8 weeks old!

8 weeks old!

Compared to Wil at 8 weeks:

 Week 8

Week 8

I dressed up Evie in the same onesie and took an 8-week photo with the lion for comparison. Pictures were taken at slightly different heights, but Evie is definitely the chunkier of the two!  She also enjoys the photo-shoots a bit more. I’m loving her smiles!


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So we’re starting to get into a groove around here.  Evie is nearly 7 weeks old and Wil is back at daycare 2 days a week.  Phil is also furloughed 1 day a week (joys of working for the government).  So we are all together 3 days a week and I am only alone with both of them 2 days a week.  On top of it – Evie is a pretty good sleeper….for an infant.  I get a 4-5 hour stretch out of her most nights and a few 2+ hour naps throughout the day.  I’m nearly a full-functioning adult!!  I know I’m going to jinx myself, but I just need to say again how awesome this little girl is!  Dont get me wrong, she scream bloody murder when she needs something – which is every few hours, but for the most part – she is very easy going.  I’m still not sure if shes that much ‘better’ than Wil was as an infant, or if we’ve just chilled out as parents.  I use the hiccups example:  With Wil, if he had a bad case of the hiccups – I would have walked around the apartment for 45 minutes patting his back trying to get rid of them.  But with Evie, I just sit her down and figure that she’ll work them out herself – and she does.  Easy Peasy.  I’m actually enjoying parenting this go around.  So much less stressful.

Wil has definitely gotten a little more clingy in the past few weeks.  I think hes finally realized this baby isnt going away.  He is still very loving to her – but just wants more of my attention.  Evie is spending more time awake and loves looking around.  Shes starting to track people with her eyes across the room and smiles occasionally.  She is in the 87th percentile for nearly all things and weighs in at 11 lb 9 oz!  Wilek is 28 pounds and about 50th percentile.  Hes getting more and more words, but is still a bit behind his peers. A lot of his toddler meltdowns seems to stem from the fact that he cant tell us what he wants.  But we’re working on it.  Hes starting to get more adventurous and loves to climb over and under things.  We’ve had to save him a few times from various falls.  One of these times, we’re not going to be able to catch him!

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Wil turns 2

Wil turned 2 last weekend. Instantly after Evie was born, he morphed from ‘my baby’ to  a bona-fide ‘kid’.  His 2nd birthday was a wonderful celebration of that.  Wil still isnt a big fan of cake, so the night before I made him some m&m chocolate chip cookies.  Then I took a shot glass to cut-out individual cookies to make in the shape of a 2:



Im not a very creative/crafty person, but I was happy with how it turned out.  The next morning, we skyped with both of the grandparents.  We tried to reinforce the idea it was his birthday early in the day – and sang him the birthday song and finally gave him one present.  But I’m not sure he finally got it until the afternoon.


After his nap, we had set up his new train set and had all the balloons and presents waiting for him.  We sang the birthday song again and made a big deal about the presents.  We brought out his cookies and blew out some candles.  I’m still not sure he really knew what was going on – but he knew he was having a GREAT day. (Video of cookies to come shortly…)






Birthday aftermath:


Phil and I never actually got Wil anything for his birthday because we had so many packages and presents from family and friends wrapped and ready to go for his big day!  We sincerely thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts.  Wil truly had a great, great day. Of course the best gifts were the boxes they came in and the decorations!  Wil and Phil played with the mylar balloons for days after the birthday!! Wil especially liked ‘throwing’ them up to the ceiling and having daddy lift him up to get them:


Thanks again to everyone who made Wilek’s 2nd birthday a special one!

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On our own

Well the help has all left!  Char and Mark were here from the 7th through the 15th.  Phil was able to work a few days while they were here so he can save his vacation days for when we really need extra hands.  We all had a great time and Wil loooooves hanging out with his busia and dziadzia.  They were able to take Wil out to the park and run him around every day while I mainly tended to Evie and rested. I have determined that 3 people is just enough to care for 2 kids and a dog.  Now that we are on our own, things are a bit trickier.  Phil is able to be at home this week, so at least there are 2 adults around to take care of things, but we’re still figuring it all out.  Evie is still a very easy-going baby, though feeding has been much trickier than it was with Wil.  Shes not a very efficient eater, tends to take in a lot of air, and requires a lot of milk!  Baby girl is 9 and a half pounds already!!  All these things, combined with my distraction of Wilek and/or sleep deprivation, doesnt help Evie with these feeding issues.  But we’re working on it together! Hopefully we’ll figure out a good routine in the next few weeks.

She is seriously awesome though – she soothes herself to sleep and quietly looks around when she is awake.  Baths are, by far, the WORST experience ever for her though.  She screams her bloody head off during baths.  Not that I blame her – we still do sponge baths and she gets cold!  I am not a fan of being cold either. (Funny enough – though I am the one who is usually always cold – my hormones are still leveling out from birth and ive kept the house at like 60-something degrees.  Everyone else is freezing, haha. I’m starting to level out though and hopefully the house can go back to a normal temperature soon).  Wil is giving Evie more attention – he likes to give her hugs and kisses now.  We are working on being gentle.  Sometimes he will try to climb on me while I am feeding her or will try to run his car over her head.  Normal toddler stuff – nothing jealous or malicious – but Im constantly on guard!

Our biggest adventure comes when we take the whole brood to Chicago for my little brothers wedding!!  We will be gone 4 days, so it will be interesting trying to keep everyone happy on the road!  We will have lots of grandparents, aunts and uncles around though — So I think they will have a great time!  And I cant wait for everyone to meet Evie!  I’ll post wedding highlights when we get back!

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