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Zev is one!

Oh man – I can barely believe its been a whole year since this little guy was born.

1 day old:


1 year old:



It seriously flew by — which sometimes feels like a good thing — but I will also miss him being a baby (never thought I’d say that — but now that it coming to an end – I’m definitely feeling sad about it).  Zev was such an awesome baby. For the first 8 months of his life, he never had his own nap time or even his own crib/room.  He just slept in the carseat on the way to pick up his siblings and roughed it in the pack n’ play in our room until we moved to the new house.  Once we got settled, we finally started giving him scheduled naps and real bedtimes in his own room. Thanks for going with the flow, buddy.



He is currently obsessed with finding belly buttons, he likes dropping things to say ‘uh-oh’, knocking on windows, and destroying everything Wil and Evie build (which they are less than thrilled about).  Wil and Evie call him ‘monster baby’ these days because hes always on a mission to wreck their games.  Hes cruising around the couches and using the walker but wont let go on his own yet.  We usual contain Zev in the living room using toy boxes as blockades and lovingly call it the ‘baby cage’.  It’s a place where he is relatively safe so I can get things done and he cant get to Wil and Evie’s playroom.  Hes been a great sleeper and we’re currently transitioning from two naps to one nap.  He just started working on sippy cups (because we couldnt find them in the storage boxes until a few weeks ago). At his one year appointment he was 90th percentile in weight (25.6 lbs!!) and 98th percentile in head size. My back hurts carrying him around everywhere!


We had a great time celebrating his first birthday.  Busia and DziaDzia were up for it and the cubs were playing in the world series! Wil was very excited to help him open presents and Evie was excited to eat the little pumpkin cakes.  Zev was definitely my best baby at the ‘smash cake’ – he didnt hesitate at all before destroying the thing!




Happy Birthday Mr. ZP Woz — We love you!


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