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Coming up for Air

In the last 6 weekends: I was in Denver, Phil was in Yuma, we both went to Phoenix, Annakate came to visit, and Celia came to visit. Oh, and I turned 30.  I have also been working full time thanks to 2 extra projects I picked up, on top of my normal teaching and research hours.  So weekdays and weekends have been full to the brim! Its been a whirlwind!!   I know I owe people some emails and thank you notes; Im pretty sure there are some bills that need to be paid; and I should probably catch up on laundry eventually…..But, hey, its been a good few weeks.  Phil and I both have a few more trips planned in the next 14 days.  But things should finally slow down by mid-March.

When Annakate came to visit, we checked out the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, which is one of the oldest parts of Baltimore.  It had cute little homes and book stores.  Then that night, Annakate and I got gussied up and went to the fanciest restaurant in Baltimore, Charleston.   Except, instead of getting $300 tasting menus,   we sat at the bar and ordered dessert 🙂  Then on Sunday we headed down to DC for a quick walking tour, and hopped into the Natural History Museum!  It was a perfect visit!





When Celia and Dave came to visit, Phil and I did a first – we hired a babysitter!!  We have had babysitters in bloomington (and randomly in DC when we did the army 10 miler), but we have somehow never hired a babysitter to come to our house in Baltimore before! Miss Wendie, from Wil’s daycare center, came over to watch him for the afternoon while the 4 of us went out to watch the IU vs Purdue game down at Canton Square.  We finished the afternoon off at Romans, our favorite dive-bar down on Decker.  Then came back and ate cake for my birthday.  Nothing beats a  birthday with your best friend!!



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Phoenix 2013

Phil takes work trips to Yuma, AZ often and always flies through Phoenix to get there.  With his flight paid for, we always said it would be so great if I could come along and see my sister at the same time!!  So the timing finally worked out that Wil and I could come along!  Phil went to Yuma at the end of January – and I met him in Arizona with Wil when his project was over where we spent 4 days with the Harrisons.  That also meant – I got to take the longest flight to-date with Wil, ALONE.  but Im happy to report that a tablet full of sesame streets kept him happy for most of the trip!

The rest of the visit was glorious!!  Wendy and Nate’s house is gorgeous, huge, and kid-friendly – Making this one of the best trips we’ve taken in a long time.  I think Wil thought that he was at a theme park for the whole 4 days.  He loved playing with all the new toys, his cousin Luke, and even stopped and waved at baby Elise a few times, haha.  On Saturday, we went to the zoo, then out to eat for Nate’s birthday, then came home to watch the IU game.  On Sunday, we went to the train park and came back to watch Baltimore win the Super Bowl!!  On Monday we were able to go see Wendy’s campus before heading back to the east coast.

Thanks for hosting us guys!!  We had such a great time!!

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