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Evie is a force of nature. I can’t say enough about how amazing she is. Shes so fiery and dramatic and crazy. She infuriating. Buts shes amazing! And hilarious. Did I mention infuriating? She is so many things.  She loves singing. She especially loves nighttime songs. I always have to sing at least 4-5 songs each night. As soon as I am done with one, she starts with the ‘Mommy, mommy, mommy’  or ‘Song, song, song’ and wont let me leave until I sing another one. She will let me know when I am done by saying ‘night night’ or ‘love you’. If those words are not uttered – then I am not done. And if I start to leave without her dismissal, meltdowns ensue. She likes to sing along with me, but repeating the last word of every line of each song. Twinkle twinkle little star – STAR. How I wonder what you are – ARE. Up above the world so high- HIGH. Like a diamond in the sky – SKY. Its hilarious. She pretty darn good at Wheels on the Bus, too! She loves animal books and making animal sounds. We are still working on colors.





She hates messes and is super dramatic about it. Anytime she sees crumbs, or toys spilled out, or milk on the table she GASPS and yells MESS and puts her hands to her face and runs to grab a towel to clean it up. One day at the grocery store – I went to grab some milk and somehow when the rest of them slide down in the case, 2 half-gallons toppled over the ledge and burst out all of the floor. Evie was beside herself!!!! MESS! MESS! MESS! I went and got someone to let them know what happened and they said they would take care of it, but Evie about lost it when we wheeled away without cleaning it up first.




She super obsessed with anything toy story right now. It’s the only way we can get her to stay still . We got a Buzz Lightyear toy for christmas from Aunt Kathy and she sits on the couch with it and watches toy story we DVRd – then freaks out when a commercial comes on – ‘I want to watch it’ she says – so you come over and fast forward through commercials. Shes so demanding.  Shes also very particular about what she wants to wear at any given time:  Exhibits A, B, C:







She loves to help me prepare dinner. She has to have access to the cutting board at all times. She now knows how to pull the dining table chairs over to the counter and climb up to help. So now everything on the counter is fair game for Evie. Which I discovered on an evening when I left some onions and a knife out while I went upstairs to help Wil! (Please don’t call child services on me).




Her favorite thing in the world is Wil and she will copy EXACTLY what he is doing and always wants to be within inches of him. Even when I put Wil in time out – she goes and pulls up a chair next to him and sits down. Its kind of adorable.  They are getting pretty good at playing with each other.  Their favorite thing right now is to take turns running and turning on and off the lights.  Evie will run over and turn them off and laugh hysterically.  Then Wil runs over and turns them on and laughs hysterically.  Repeat about 100 times. Even in her infuriating moments – I will definitely miss this age.



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Wil is growing up so much and I’m so proud of him. As I have said before, Wil is our guinea pig, so I often feel like a lot of his short comings are our fault because we don’t know how to prepare him for…well, basically anything. He is constantly doing new things and showing us what he is ready for – and we are always impressed.



Hes much more in control of his emotions and actions. He is using his words more and more, instead of physical altercations. At gymnastics, even after saying ‘I don’t like it’, he will still participate, instead of melting down or crying in the corner. (That’s HUGE for him!)


Currently his favorite things are: seeing his breath in the cold, building towers out of everything, and playing make-believe. He is super interactive in all his play recently. He knows exactly what he wants to do and what he wants you to do, so there is a lot of direction from him: ‘You stay here, I go over there’. ‘I drive the spaceship – you go hide under the blanket’. Hes pretty opinionated in all things, actually. This morning, I asked him if we should go to storyville and he responded with: “Daddy stays here – wil stays here – evie goes to storyville and mommy goes to storyville – barney stays here”. Well okay then! (Update: we all went to storyville). Lately we have been working on names such as ‘Mommy’s name is Amy’ and ‘Daddy’s name is Phil.’ Who is your sister? ‘Evie’ – who is Evie’s brother? ‘Wil!’




He loves his ‘spaceship’ right now. It’s an old diaper box and a Mario cart wheel, but he loves driving it around outer-space and catching other spaceships.  He also like pretending to be a kitty – and likes to catch string and crawl around meowing. I love his imagination.   He also loves a new thing Phil has invented called a Wozniak Tamale (patent pending). Where he rolls up both kids in a blanket and carries them around.


He very independent these days and is learning to dress and undress himself.   He can use an adult potty without a step or ‘potty seat’ (much to my dismay!). Onetime before nap, I was putting Evie down and when I came out of her room, Wil said he had already used the potty and he did! I asked him ‘How?’, since we didn’t have the stool or his potty seat, and he said “I pulled my pants down – I climbed up – I was super strong (holding himself up on the seat) – and then I peed’.  Way to go, Wil!




Wil is also very sweet and affectionate. He loves to give hugs and kisses. And after he does certain things, like cleaning up his toys, he comes up to me and says ‘Mommy, I made you so happy?’ I love that he can even comprehend and consider other people’s happiness. Hes so great! Im actually excited for when preschool is out for the summer and I get to spend more time with him.

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February 2015

Wil and Evie are both at such amazing ages right now. Its getting harder and harder to leave them every morning. But I make the most of my Tuesdays and Thursdays with them, and we are doing as much as we can on the weekends. Except we’ve had snow on the ground for at least 3 weeks!! During the month of February Wil had like 5 out of 12 full school days. The rest were cancelled or on 2-hour delay due to icy roads, snow, or cold — Its been a long winter for sure.  On the plus side, Phil has been home a lot more – so we’ve had lots of family time.  Wil and Evie are getting pretty bored with all our normal indoor activities at home though. I cant wait until we can go to the park again. Spring cant come soon enough!


The kids loved Valentines day – we got them a new hutch for their kitchen and we made ‘cookie hearts’. They received lots of cards and presents from grandparents, too.  They enjoyed the bubble wrap the most. I had a nice birthday – Phil got cupcakes and we opened presents with Mimi and Pop-Pop on the TV. Phil and I also had a date night at the beginning to February. We checked out the new casino in Baltimore, right across from Raven stadium, and I won $70 at the black jack table! Then we went to a 3-hour dinner at fleet street kitchen — 4 courses, wine pairings, dessert….ahhhh. It had been a long time since we had done anything like that and will probably be a long time before we do it again.


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