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It is honestly not nearly as bad as the news is making it out to be. I would say 50/50 we loose power.

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Lion Pictures, Week 5

Week 1:


Week 2:


Missed week 3.

Week 4:


Week 5:



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Wilek: Weeks 2, 3, 4

The number one thing people told us to do when we had a newborn was to take lots of pictures.  Unfortunately, with the move, I feel like we neglected this advice all too often.  All I have are random photos taken over the last few weeks. But its better than nothing I guess!

Phil, Char, and I went out to one last dinner in Asbury Park the day before the move and I got my very first ‘mom needs to get baby out of restaurant asap due to screaming’ experience.  Phil and Char finished my dinner for me while Wil and I hung out in the car.  Of course he settled down as soon as I abandoned my meal:

Hes lost a bit of his newborn hair – so i was trying to capture his old man balding – but the light wasnt that great.  Instead, this better captures his lounging skillz in the bouncer (or my lack of parenting, by not strapping him in and letting him sink down…)

He’s definitely fattening up.  Look at that neck, haha.  He was 10 lbs on Monday.

And hes alert for longer periods of time now, which is fun, but also challenging when Im trying to think of creative things to do with him.  I like to sing to him, but can never think of any songs to sing at a moments notice and I always end up singing Cake’s Alpha Beta Parking Lot.  Seriously random.  But thats what I sing like 1000X a day.  I need to expand my repertoire.

He’s a great baby and Im having a blast with him thus far. Ill keep ya’ll updated more now that we are more settled in Baltimore.  Im working on a ‘moving/new apartment’ post for the next few days.

Do NOT tell Phil I let Barney on the bed

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